Twitter is actually working on an edit button

Twitter is actually working on an edit button

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Twitter’s post from April Fools Day turned out to not be a joke after all.

The company has announced (on Twitter of course) that it is actually working on an edit button for tweets. The feature, according to the Twitter Communications account, will get rolled out to Twitter Blue subscribers for testing “in the coming months.”

The company also shared a look at what the feature might look like. In the GIF shared, you can see that, for a tweet that has been posted, the option to edit the tweet could sit right inside the menu where you can also delete or pin the tweet.

The company, on April Fools Day, actually posted that they we’re working on an edit button. Everyone thought it was an April Fools joke as it has been a long-running joke that the company would never release such an option for its users. This time, they were dead serious.

The feature will be rolling out first as a test for Twitter Blue subscribers. Twitter Blue is the company’s subscription service that offers additional features on the social media app. It’s currently unclear if the company will bring the edit feature to all users in the future.

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