Best Nintendo Switch Kirby accessories 2022

Best Nintendo Switch Kirby accessories 2022

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Nintendo Switch Kirby accessories

Kirby has been a big name for Nintendo fans for many years. The adorable pink puffball has a few adventures out on Switch including the latest: Kirby and the Forgotten Land. There are some cute ways to accessorize your Switch to match this cute and round character! Here are our favorite Kirby accessories for Switch.

Connect your amiibo:
Kirby amiibo

Staff Pick

Not only is this amiibo going to look super cute in your Nintendo collection, but it’s functional too! Use this and any other Kirby amiibos in Kirby and the Forgotten Land to unlock some special features. There are other Kirby amiibo compatible with the Switch but this one is the easiest to find as it has been reprinted and is the most affordable.

Perfectsight Kirby Thumb Grip Caps Switch

A touch of Kirby:
PERFECTSIGHT Kirby Switch Thumb Grip Caps

What better way to give your Switch a touch of Kirby than to make the round figure your thumb grips? This thumb grip pair comes with two Kirby grips and two pastel heart grips. You can mix and match, have both sides as Kirby, or swap them out for just the hearts if you don’t want Kirby on there anymore. These Kawaii-style covers are a good way to add an obvious bit of Kirby without going all out.

$8 at Amazon

Timzard Kirby Carrying Case Switch

Carry with confidence:
TIMZARD Carrying Case

Keep your Nintendo Switch as safe as if Kirby had taken it in himself with this adorable hard travel case. It features three adorable Kirbys, his iconic star, and a pastel rainbow to match his pink aesthetic. This case also has space for you to bring 12 game cards along and a storage bag for cords, extra Joy-Cons, or other accessories.

$22 at Amazon

Belugadesign Kirby Hard Shell Switch Case

A case in a snap:
BelugaDesign Kirby Switch Case

If a travel case isn’t your style and you’d rather have something that will protect your system at all times, this hardshell snap-on case may be what you’re looking for. Unlike many hard shell Switch covers, you won’t have to void your warranty and try to take your Switch apart and put it back together to get this design. Simply snap it on over the top.

$25 at Amazon

Perfectsight Glitter Kirby Case

OLED protection:
PERFECTSIGHT Glitter Protective Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

If you have the latest console, the Nintendo Switch OLED, you haven’t been left out of cute Kirby cases! This shock-absorbent clear case is made for the bigger OLED models and offers a cute clear design with a glimmer of glitter. The Joy-Con covers are a jelly TPU material while the cover for the back of the screen is PC. The bottom of the cover comes out to act as a kickstand so you won’t have to be without one.

$27 at Amazon

Kirby Game Case

PERFECTSIGHT Switch Game Card Case Holder

It only makes sense that Kirby would have a game storage case since he is known for being crafty at carrying things. This cute pink case unfolds to reveal two game storage spaces that can fit 12 Switch game cards and 12 SD cards. Put it back together, fold it up, and it’s a compact little carrying case that has your games all ready to go.

$11 at Amazon

Fxicai Kirby Switch Stand

Hold it up:
FXICAI Stand for Nintendo Switch

With a puffed-up Kirby on the front, this stand will hold your Switch up at one of five angles. This stand even has holes where the Switch console releases the heat from the system so it can cool while you play. The bottom is equipped with anti-skid silicone to prevent sliding, keeping it safely in place. Travel with this stand easily by folding it up and laying it flat.

$14 at Amazon

Pink out!

From the pastel colors to the cute creature himself, from safety to pure aesthetic, there are really good options for accessorizing your Switch with Kirby vibes. We know decking out your console and gaming area with your favorite characters is a great way to give your space personality. Seeing a rise in Kirby accessories has been encouraging for fans and we hope to see some more come out.

For now, we definitely recommend getting the Kirby amiibo for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, or even if you just want to have the little guy hanging out while you play. Make sure your Switch on the go is protected with the TIMZARD Carrying Case or if you have the OLED model, the PERFECTSIGHT Glitter Protective Case. However you decorate your Switch, we know it will look as cuddly as Kirby with any of these options.

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