The latest AirTag update wants to make it easier to find unknown trackers

The latest AirTag update wants to make it easier to find unknown trackers

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Apple’s recent AirTag firmware update is designed to make it easier for people to locate AirTags that could be used to stalk them, according to a new support document provided by Apple.

The updated AirTag firmware appears to have tweaked the sound that a tracker makes when it is unknown — meaning it isn’t with the person whose device it is associated with. That could either help someone locate a lost AirTag that belongs to someone else or, more importantly, locate one that is being used to follow or track someone without their knowledge.

Apple outlined the change in a support document spotted by MacRumors.

AirTag Firmware Update 1.0.301

Tuning the unwanted tracking sound to more easily locate an unknown AirTag.

Requires iOS 14.5 or later.

The new firmware update and associated change to the sound an AirTag makes is another move that appears to have been made amid ongoing privacy concerns relating to the tracker. AirTags have been used to stalk people, follow cars for potential theft, and more since their release and Apple continues to grapple with the best way to deal with that.

It’s important to note that AirTags aren’t the only item trackers available, nor are they the only ones that could be used for nefarious purposes. However, they are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of accuracy, making them more attractive to people who are up to no good.

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