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Best rugged cases for iPad Air 5 in 2022

rugged cases for iPad Air 5

The iPad Air 5 is a beautiful device for carrying to work or school because it’s lightweight, yet still has a nice big screen. Commuting can be rough on an iPad, however, so active users will want rugged protection to keep it in pristine condition. For that, we’ve compiled this collection of the best rugged cases for iPad Air 5. Keep in mind, if some of the products on this list are for the 4th-generation iPad Air, they will still fit the newer 5th-generation edition as well.

Multifunctional pick:
Mous iPad Air Case

Staff Pick

The Mous iPad Case is the one that’s on my own iPad right now; that’s because I find it to be super functional, with four different viewing angles, a built-in Apple Pencil holder, and superb protection. Mous isn’t playing around, and this case for the iPad Air 5 might just outlive the device itself.

Cantis Clear Case For Ipad Air

Best value:
Cantis Clear Case

If you thought a clear case couldn’t be rugged, think again! This is a totally clear case with a unique industrial design that protects every inch of the iPad from drops and scratches. It comes in several other colorways and also features a built-in kickstand.

$23 at Amazon

Brydge Air Maxwireless Keyboard Case

Rugged keyboard case:
Brydge Air MAX+

Not only does this workhouse of a case come with a detachable keyboard, but it also provides military-grade drop protection and a built-in trackpad. The keyboard attaches and detaches magnetically so you only keep it on the iPad when you need it.

$150 at Amazon

Ipad Air 5th Defender Series Pro Case

Old reliable:
Otterbox Defender Series Pro Case

The Otterbox Defender Series has been around for as long as iPads have existed, and it remains a favorite for good reason. The tough front cover panel keeps the iPad ultra-safe while you’re not using it, but detaches and doubles as an iPad stand at a moment’s notice.

Urban Armor Gear Uag Designed For Ipad Air

Industrial design:

Here’s an impressive case that has a cool industrial design to go along with its military-grade drop protection. This case also features auto sleep/wake functionality, a built-in stand, an Apple Pencil holder, and four different colorways.

Esr Hybrid Case

Best of both worlds:
ESR Hybrid Case

ESR brings the best of both worlds with a sleek clear backplate alongside substantial bumpers for protection. The Hybrid Case has a removable front cover that doubles as an iPad stand.

$29 at ESR

Zugu The Alpha Case

The case that gives back:
ZUGU The Alpha Case

Now here’s an interesting business model. ZUGU offers free iPad repairs for any cracked screens that take place inside The Alpha Case, and they donate 10% of each purchase to charitable causes for children. Add to that the vegan leather casing and the robust protection, and you have quite the winning combination.

$60 at Amazon

Tomtoc Portfolio Case

The bag case:
tomtoc Portfolio Case

Although this case from tomtoc is something in between a carry bag and a case, it’s a great solution for those who prefer the look and feel of a naked iPad. Keep the device protected while you carry it about, but enjoy the sleek shape of the naked iPad Air when you take it out to use it.

$27 at Amazon

Protection plus

The best rugged cases for iPad Air 5 offer a lot more than robust protection. The cases on this list have a lot of additional benefits, such as the multi-angle viewing stand that comes built into the Mous iPad Air Case. This one is made out of high-quality material that will continue to protect every inch of your iPad for years to come.

For shoppers who like to stay within a smaller budget, the Cantis Clear Case also offers military-grade protection as well as a kickstand. This is the only totally clear case on the list. Consider your own needs and usage requirements for an iPad Air, and choose the rugged case that best suits you.

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