Samsung M8 Smart Monitor nearing launch in four colors

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Samsung M8 Smart Monitor nearing launch in four colors

Following its reveal back at CES 2022, the all-new Samsung 32-inch M8 Smart Monitor is nearing an official launch, Apple iMac vibes and all. Ahead of time, more details around the display have been revealed including pricing and the reveal of new color options.

Samsung’s upcoming M8 Smart Monitor nearing launch

Back when Samsung first showed off its latest workstation upgrade in January, the brand had yet to reveal everything about what to expect. Namely pricing and the release date were tidbits that the company opted not to share at first. But now, three months later, it’s officially rolling out the new M8 Smart Monitor.

Living up to its Smart Monitor designation, the M8 is the latest Samsung release geared for the desktop with built-in capabilities that allow it to stand out from your average display. Most notable of these is the onboard chip that enables the display to run Netflix and other streaming services on top of Google Docs and video calling tools like Google Duo. AirPlay 2 is another highlight here to double back on that Apple focus.

Otherwise, you’re looking at a 32-inch 4K HDR10+ panel backed by a USB-C interface for pairing with a host machine. It packs 65W power passthrough for topping off a connected device to achieve the oh so sought-after single cable setup, as well.

Then there’s the design. One look at the new M8 Smart Monitor and there’s no hiding just what Samsung drew inspiration this time around. The M1 iMac-like design is already quite present in the pencil-thin form-factor. Not to mention the sleek stand that attaches to the back with a single, fixed joint. But Samsung doesn’t stop there either. Now that the display is nearing launch, it has been revealed that there will be four different color options.

In a move that feels like a direct spin-off of the colorful M1 iMac, Samsung’s latest comes in styles that won’t exactly match Apple’s counterparts, but do apply the same colorful approach. There’s a standard white option which is now joined by green, pink, and blue offerings.

Something else new for Samsung M8 Smart Monitor is the companion webcam module. Deemed the SlimFit Camera, this accessory is included in the box and clicks into the back when it’s time to dive into video calls. The unique design lends itself quite well to privacy-conscious folks but also stands out as quite the neat modular add-on.

Reserve your workstation upgrade now

Not quite available for purchase yet, you can sign up to reserve the chance to buy one right out of the gate right here. Pricing is set at $729.99 for the entire M8 Smart Display package direct from Samsung, SlimFit Camera included. There isn’t an exact date for when this will begin shipping, though it should be in the near future.

9to5Toys’ Take:

With Apple’s new Studio Display having just launched, the whole internet is in a frenzy over what is and isn’t a good value for a workstation upgrade. Samsung settles that pretty well, with the M8 Smart Display delivering plenty of notable specs. It may have a steep price tag to match, but the onboard smart features are what many would have hoped out of Apple’s A13-powered monitor.

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