TikTok announces Library, a new way to put GIPHY Clips into videos

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TikTok announces Library, a new way to put GIPHY Clips into videos

TikTok today announced what it calls Library, a feature that gives people the chance to add GIPHY Clips to their videos for the first time.

GIPHY Clips are essentially GIFs but with audio and TikTok says that they will live in Library, a feature that will allow people to create new types of content — so the video-based social network says. GIPHY Clips can be spliced into videos when a creator wants to.

Library also unlocks a new category of entertainment content, making it easy for people to start or participate in their own trends, using clips from their favorite shows, GIFs, memes and more by seamlessly integrating them into their TikTok videos.

Not sure what any of that actually means or what it will look like in practice? Fear not — there’s an example.

@giphy keep your 👀 peeled for the newest GIPHY integration on @TikTok ♬ original sound – GIPHY

TikTok says there will be a few different types of GIPHY Clips available at launch including reactions, quotes, and more.

  • Reactions: much like GIFs, content that captures a raw emotional reaction and are relatable to users make perfect Clips
  • Quotes: memorable catchphrases and quotable moments from notable personalities
  • People: fandom is real, and people look for their favorite celebrities, athletes, etc. to help express themselves
  • Iconic moments: whether it’s an awards speech, beloved TV characters, or game-changing play, these big moments are bound to be shareable conversation starters

Creators can learn more about how GIPHY Clips will work on the TikTok website, while GIPHY itself has also shared more details. Including a handy YouTube video showing how everything goes down in-app.

TikTok is one of the best iPhone apps for people who want to create, and indeed consume, relatively short videos. It’ll be interesting to see how creators use the new feature beyond what we’ve already seen here.

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