Spotify updates Blend feature to create two new playlists based on friends and artists

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Spotify updates Blend feature to create two new playlists based on friends and artists

Last year, Spotify launched Blend, which creates shared playlists between users. Today, the company is expanding its features to include up to 10 people in a group and also a chance to use this function with some of the users’ favorite artists.

Whether it’s your running club, favorite coworkers, group chat, book club, or chosen family, Spotify is making it easier to match everyone’s taste with this Blend expansion. Here’s how the company described the feature when it launched last year:

“A new way for users to merge their musical tastes into one shared playlist made just for them, making it even easier for users to connect, discover, and bond over the music they love with one another.”

Now, to Blend with a group, follow these steps:

  • Create + Invite: Just search “Blend” within the “Search” tab on Spotify. Then, tap “Invite” to select people to Blend with. 
  • Blend: Once your friend has accepted the invite, Spotify will generate your shared Blend playlist, which will include songs and recommendations that reflect everyone’s music preferences and tastes. You’ll even be able to see which songs were added for which friend. 
  • Listen + Share: After everyone has joined the collaborative playlist, you and your friends will receive a custom share card that you can use to spread the word on social media.

Now, if you are a Spotify user and want to blend with your favorite artist, you can try with the following people:

BTSCharli XCXJO1Kacey MusgravesLauvMegan Thee StallionBE:FIRSTMimi WebbNiziUTai VerdesXamãCamiloDiploAngèleBadshahKim LoaizaCROBenjamin IngrossoBennett CoastAB6IX, and more let you blend with them.

Just click the link on their name and then Spotify will do the rest. The company explains:

We’ll merge some of your musical tastes with those of  your favorite artist’s into one shared playlist made just for you. Users will also receive a share card showing your taste-match scores and the songs that bring you two together. These cards will allow you to see your listening preferences compared to the artist and are created to be shared directly to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

While Spotify expands its multi-user experience, Apple Music users can at least listen to songs via SharePlay, although people aren’t using this feature.

What do you think of the Spotify Blend expansion? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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