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World Backup Day NAS recommendations, tips, and tricks

It’s World Backup Day and as per tradition here at 9to5Toys, we’re walking you through all of the best ways to get in on routine backups or improve your data storage regimen. If 2022 is finally the year you’re looking to finally set up a NAS, and it should be, we’re taking a look at what three different models from Synology bring to the table. Head below for all of our World Backup Day NAS recommendations, tips, and tricks.

Sure, the backup aspect may be the biggest star of the show since this is World Backup Day after all, setting up a NAS offers more value than just data security. Alongside just having the peace of mind that your Mac info is completely cloned to a second location, there are perks for anyone who wants to offload an archive of photos and videos off their main device. Not to mention full-blown Plex media server tasks for ditching yet another subscription service.

Though the biggest perk across all of these use cases has to be that everything is local. Not only is there the privacy aspect of rolling your own storage box, but not having to worry about any downtimes or being able to access files without an internet connection can be a huge benefit over your traditional cloud alternatives.

Though before we go any further, be sure to check out all of the ongoing discounts live for World Backup Day to go alongside our NAS recommendations.

Best World Backup Day practices: 3-2-1 rules supreme

Even if you already have a standard old hard drive plugged into your machine for handling backups, there’s more to the whole game of keeping your data safe than just that. You’ll of course want to find the setup that works for you, but the most comprehensive way to keep files safe is known as the 3-2-1 plan. Adopting this strategy means you’ll need three total copies of your information, two of which are located on different mediums. 

Having a NAS like any of the following recommendations is a great way to kickstart that plan, be it setting one up at your house as the first line of defense or a second unit at a family members. As for the other check boxes to tick off, over at 9to5Mac we broke down some popular Mac-friendly cloud backup solutions that can certainly help complement the hardware side of your kit.

First time NAS owners should consider the Synology DS220J

But now let’s actually take a look at some of those machines to get the ball rolling. One of the best ways to get into the Synology game also happens to be one of the most affordable with the DS220J NAS. This always-on storage array enters with a single drive bay and support for up to 16TB of storage. While it’s not the most capable machine in the world, it’ll make quick work of Time Machine backups and the like with support for 112MB/s transfer speeds.

Entering at $189.99, it’s also quite an affordable offering for those looking to get routine backups all squared away. While you’ll have to supply your own storage via a 3.5-inch hard drive, Synology’s easy-to-use interface and overall reliability make this a more compelling option than some of the cheaper NAS out there.

Need some extra power? Consider the Synology DS220+ instead

If you’re looking to handle more than just a few Macs or PCs, you might need a little extra power under the hood. That’s where the brand’s DS220+ machine comes into play. This one is of course just as capable for routine backups, but can also provide faster transfer speeds for taking care of backing up media files. If you’re someone who edits video, be it for simple TikToks or more professional use cases, a NAS like this is just the ticket.

This home NAS breaks free of the more basic workload capabilities you’ll find noted above, being able to handle running Plex and loads of other services. Its price makes it a solid offering for those who want a little more power than the entry-level model, but aren’t in need of a more premium offering. 

Clocking in at the $299.99 price point, the Synology DS220+ NAS is a bit more expansive than the entry-level model highlighted above. But we found that’s more than justified by how capable the machine is in our hands-on review.

But for those who are in search of the ultimate home NAS, the Synology 5-bay DS1520+ is certainly worth a look for handling all of those World Backup Day tasks and so much more. It takes everything that makes the DS220+ such a compelling machine for the price and amplifies it with plenty of extra power and improved overall performance.

Even when you’re throwing multiple Plex 4K transcodes, backups, and running smart home services at the DS1520+, this NAS won’t break a sweat. It’s a more-than-capable option that we found to be a quiet notable home server with its four Gigabit Ethernet ports. Though that does mean it enters as the priciest machine in our recommendations at $694.99, meaning it’s aimed more at homelab enthusiasts than someone just dipping their toes into the world of backing up.

World Backup Day 2022 is the perfect time to switch to a NAS

All said and done, 2022 is the perfect year to make the switch. With cloud storage services become less reliable, last year’s Google Photos snafu immediately comes to mind, amidst our rising data footprints from larger files and videos, having a local copy is becoming increasingly valuable. And if there’s one takeaway from World Backup Day this year, it’s that there are a series of different options to consider.

Don’t forget that you can currently save on a wide range of hard drives of both the internal and external variety to go alongside all of the other World Backup Day discounts. There’s also SSDs with even faster transfer speeds as well as microSD cards for refreshing the storage of your smartphone or other device. Just remember most of these will be disappearing come the end of the day.

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