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While some places may be returning to some sense of normalcy, there are still a lot of people who are working remotely or studying from home, and thus the demand for the best Mac webcams remains high. That’s because a lot of communication is now done virtually through video calls, whether it’s on Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet, or whatever else. But webcams can do more than just video chats — people also use them for business meetings, distance learning, streaming content, and much more. A webcam has become a necessity for everyone, and there are plenty of options out there. For those who want a great all-around webcam, you can’t go wrong with the Logitech C922 series. Streamers should consider the Logitech StreamCam, while gamers should look at the Razer Kiyo. But no matter who you are or what you’re doing, there’s a webcam for everyone.

Note: While these are our picks for the best webcams for Mac and PC, some of the more popular models sell out constantly due to high demand. If you need one right now, no matter what, you can search places like Amazon to see what is available right this moment.

What are the best Mac webcams you can buy right now?

Finding the best webcam for Mac and PC is a harder question to answer right now, during a pandemic, than it ever has been before. The Logitech C922 Pro HD Stream is the best all-around webcam because it has a 1080p camera, built-in microphone, autofocus, lighting correction, and comes at a good price.

The Logitech Brio is the 4K webcam everyone is talking about and is an excellent webcam if you have a YouTube channel. The problem is that most video services and social networking sites don’t support 4K, so you won’t be able to take advantage of the more expensive technology if you’re just looking for video chats or daily Stories.

If you need your webcam to fulfill your basic needs and don’t want to spend a lot, the Wansview 1080p Webcam is a remarkably good webcam for its price, which is remarkably low.

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1. Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Best Mac webcam for most users

Resolution: Full HD 1080p/HD 720p | FPS: Full HD 30/HD 60 | Built-in Mic: Stereo | Field of View: 78-degree | Connector Type: USB-A


  • 1080p at 30FPS or 720p HD at 60FPS
  • Plug-and-play
  • Universal clip
  • Autofocus
  • Comes with tripod


  • Mic quality is just OK
  • A tad pricey

The Logitech C922 Pro HD Stream webcam is one of the more popular Mac webcams and is pretty much a successor to the now-discontinued Logitech C920 Pro that we’ve highly recommended in the past. The C922 Pro HD offers a max resolution of 1080p at 30FPS or super HD at 720p at 60FPS. In today’s high-definition world, everyone’s webcam should at least have a 1080p camera, but unfortunately, most of the Mac lineup only has standard definition 720p iSight cameras. You’re going to appreciate this spec bump.

It also has autofocus and light correction, so you’re always going to be the center of attention. The 78-degree field of view offers a great perspective. While the C922 Pro HD Stream is designed for streaming, it gives you incredible clarity for all of your other video calls as well.

While the C922 Pro HD Stream is pretty much plug-and-play with your Mac, it does take advantage of some special software for additional features. You can download and use Logitech’s Capture app to create, record, and even customize the settings on your webcam and stream, making it a one-stop-shop. It also comes with three free months of XSplit, a popular live streaming and recording application.

While the C922 Pro HD Stream does have a built-in stereo microphone with a range of up to three feet, the sound quality is still subpar. It’s fine if you just want to chat with friends and family, but if you want to sound better and more professional, then it’s highly recommended to check out some of the best USB microphones for Mac to get the job done. Of course, no built-in mic on a webcam is going to be great, so you should be using a standalone mic or even a headphone mic, such as AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.

On Amazon, you’ll notice that the product is called the C922x instead of just the C922. That’s because this version is exclusive to Amazon, and you get a six-month trial for XSplit instead of three. However, the regular version of the C922 that you can purchase elsewhere includes a free tripod, which you won’t get if you purchase from Amazon. Instead, you basically get another three months of XSplit instead.

Logitech C922 Pro Hd Stream

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam – Full 1080p HD Camera

This is our top pick for anyone looking for the best webcam for Mac. It’s all-around, easy to set up and use, and works great right out of the box.

Logitech 930e

Source: Logitech

2. Logitech C930e

Best webcam for people also using PC

Resolution: 1080p | FPS: 30 | Built-in Mic: Dual omni-directional | Field of View: 90-degree | Connector Type: USB 2.0


  • Support for more video services
  • Easy setup
  • Manual zoom (4x)
  • H.264 video compression

The 930e is Logitech’s business webcam with certified compatibility for some of the most popular video services, like Skype for Business and Cisco. It also has built-in enhanced integration with BlueJeans, Vidyo, Zoom, LifeSize Cloud, and Broadsoft. It’s easy to set up: all you have to do is plug it into a USB-A connector on your computer. It uses USB 2.0 but is compatible with USB 3.0.

With the Camera Settings app from Logitech, you can manually control zoom and pan. You can zoom up to 4x, which is nice if you’re trying to hide the cluttered corner of your living room.

Though it has its own settings app, the software experience can be confusing. It isn’t compatible with older Windows and Mac software and can sometimes act weird if you try to plug it into a USB 3.0 port. Luckily, the Camera Settings app is optional. If the software isn’t compatible with your PC, you can just use the webcam without zoom or pan (autofocus still works, though!).

The 930e also uses H.264 video compression, so you’re less likely to experience lag or video skips while on your conference call. It features UVC 1.5 encoding to keep resource usage to a minimum.

Logitech C930e

Logitech C930e 1080p HD Video Webcam – Black

With full support for your most-used business video chat services, the 930e is perfect for those long, boring useful work meetings. It’s our pick for the best webcam for PC.

Wansview Webcam

Source: Wansview

3. Wansview 1080p Webcam

For those who need a webcam on a budget

Resolution: 1080p | FPS: 30 | Built-in Mic: Noise-canceling | Field of View: 90-degree | Connector Type: USB 2.0


  • Very inexpensive
  • Mic works up to 20 feet away
  • Great picture quality


  • No auto-focus
  • Wide-angle rounds the edges

Though the saying, “you get what you pay for,” is great advice most of the time, this budget model proves not all of the best webcams for Mac are expensive. It’s pretty darn good for its price. It has 1080p support with a crisp, clear picture, including darker rooms.

The microphone has subject recognition, so even if you’re on the other side of a room while you’re talking, it will pick up on your voice while blocking out the sound of the dog barking outside.

I realize I mentioned this already, but the picture quality is remarkably clear, crisp, and bright, especially for a webcam that costs about half of what other popular brands offer.

This webcam has an adjustable lens for focusing, but that doesn’t mean it has autofocus, so you’re going to want to set up your camera before joining that video call. I think it also uses software to create a wider field of view, which results in rounded corners at the edges of your view. If your camera is set up with a wall or other background set close behind you, it won’t be noticeable, but you may see curves in the door frame or bookshelf if you’re not sitting right in front of it.

It’s not going to be perfect for such a low price, but this Wansview webcam is pretty impressive. Plus, you can often find Amazon coupons for it to bring the price down even further. With that in mind, you simply can’t beat the quality for the price!

Wansview Webcam

Wansview 2021 Business Webcam with Microphone

For such a low price, and for something that’s usually in stock, you’re getting your money’s worth, and then some.

$24 at Amazon

Razer Kiyo

Source: Razer

4. Razer Kiyo

Best webcam for Twitch gamers

Resolution: 1080p/720p | FPS: 30/60 | Built-in Mic: Integrated | Field of View: 81.6-degree | Connector Type: USB 2.0


  • Built-in ring light
  • 60 FPS (at 720p)
  • Easy to use
  • Regular firmware updates


  • Special functions don’t work on Mac

Gaming live streams have become more popular than ever over the past few months. If you were already a game streamer, good on you for getting in early. If you’re starting, this is a great starter webcam for a couple of reasons.

Speaking from the experience of someone who live streams regularly, a good light source is vital for proper brightness, and a light ring is perfect for getting that brightness you need right on your face. The Kiyo comes with a built-in light ring right around the camera’s lens, so you’re going to be well-lit whenever you’re facing the camera.

The Kiyo also streams in either 30FPS or 60PFS, depending on the pixel quality. If you want a crisp, sharp image, you’ll use 1080p at 30FPS, but if you want to show the speed and agility of your avatar as you blast through 100 unsuspecting builders, you can reduce the resolution to 720p and ramp up the frames-per-second to 60. This is why the Kiyo is a game streamer’s webcam. It’ll catch all of the action without stutter, lag, or skips.

Razer does a good job of keeping the Kiyo up to date. Since it launched, it’s had several major updates to improve performance, so you know you’re investing with a company that takes care of its customers.

The Kiyo, unfortunately, does not have full support for Mac. It does work as a basic webcam with a light ring, but the software needed to adjust the settings doesn’t work with Mac, so the Kiyo is more of a “plug and go” type webcam on the Mac.

Razer Kiyo

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam – Ring Light w/ Adjustable Brightness – Built-in Microphone

With a built-in ring light, you’re always going to be plenty well-lit when you stream or video chat, and with 60FPS (at 720p), your fans can see every jump, punch, and shot.

Logitech Streamcam

Source: Logitech

5. Logitech StreamCam

Best Webcam for content creators

Resolution: 1080p | FPS: 60 | Built-in Mic: Dual omnidirectional mic | Field of View: 78-degree | Connector Type: USB-C


  • Support for OBS
  • Vertical Video support
  • 1080p at 60FPS
  • Companion software for content creators


  • Only 78-degree FoV
  • Doesn’t work well with USB-A adapters

The StreamCam has everything a YouTube influencer would need from a webcam. It is optimized for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), StreamLabs, XSplit, and more, making streaming to the most popular social platforms, like Twitch and YouTube, easy. It uses USB-C for faster video transfer speeds, so you won’t experience lag or stutter from the camera. While the StreamCam is one of the best Mac webcams for streaming, like the C920 Pro, it often sells out quickly, so if you see it in stock, do not hesitate to pick it up! If it is unavailable at your preferred retailer, I recommend signing up for in-stock email notifications to make sure you don’t miss out when they restock.

Because the USB-C connecter is permanently fixed to the camera, PCs that don’t have a USB-C port will need to use an adapter, which can cause friction with performance. If you don’t have a USB-C port on your computer, I’d recommend checking out the C922 Pro instead.

The StreamCam supports vertical video, which is a huge bonus for influencers whose main platform is Instagram or Twitter. You no longer have to use just your iPhone 13 Pro to record your streams. Set up the StreamCam in vertical mode for high-quality 1080p streams in 60FPS.

The companion software, Logitech Capture, offers a multitude of tools designed specifically for content creators. You can record from two webcams and combine them into a single scene, add text overlays, customize your webcam settings, add transitions, and more.

This camera is designed for close-up, so it only has a 78-degree field of view (FoV). That’s a great positioning view for most situations, but it’ll be more difficult for you to fit in a second person or a particularly well-designed living room in the background. There’s no wide-angle here.

The StreamCam is a webcam with a microphone designed to capture your voice while you talk, so if you don’t yet have an external mic set up, you can just plug this in and run with it, no extra hardware needed.

Logitech Streamcam

Logitech StreamCam – Plus Webcam with Tripod mount (Graphite)

With support for vertical video, 1080p at 60FPS, and special software designed for content creators, this is the perfect webcam for influencers.

Hrayazan Webcam

Source: Amazon

6. Hrayzan

Best wide-angle webcam

Resolution: 1080p | FPS: 30 | Built-in Mic: Noise reduction | Field of View: 110-degree | Connector Type: USB 2.0


  • Includes privacy cover
  • Includes desktop tripod
  • Inexpensive


  • Poor mic quality
  • Edge distortion

Sometimes 90 degrees is just not enough of a field of view. If you want to fit a group of people into your video chat, you may need something wider, and that’s where this ultra-wide-angle webcam comes in. With the widest viewing angle at 110 degrees, you can video chat with the whole family and room to spare for the dog.

This Hrayzan webcam comes with a privacy cover, which is very comforting when you hear about how webcams can be hacked. It also comes with a desktop tripod if you don’t want to mount it on your computer. However, it uses a magnetic mount so you don’t have to worry about permanent fixation.

Though this is a webcam with a microphone, the quality of the mic is muffled. With the video output, you may notice some edge distortion due to the wide-angle’s extra stretching.

This is relatively inexpensive for having a 1080p ultra-wide-angle lens, and it is regularly in stock.

Hrayzan Webcam

Hrayzan 1080p Webcam

This webcam will fit you and your family in a single frame with an ultra-wide-angle and simple setup. It’s also useful for large room video conferencing.

$20 at Amazon

Logitech Brio

Source: Logitech

7. Logitech BRIO

Best webcam with 4K

Resolution: 4K | FPS: 30 | Built-in Mic: Dual omni-directional | Field of View: 90-degree | Connector Type: USB 3.0


  • 4K resolution
  • Works with Windows Hello
  • 5X digital zoom
  • USB 3.0 interface

The Brio is considered one of the best Mac webcams (though it will also work on a PC) because of its 4K camera. There aren’t many webcams on the market that support 4K, as it’s still a somewhat niche market. Video chat services like Skype don’t support 4K. A 4K webcam makes more sense for live-streaming or recording video that you later upload somewhere.

The Brios camera system includes optical and infrared sensors for facial recognition, which works with Windows Hello to secure your Windows-based computer.

With the companion Camera Settings software, you can manually adjust the field of view from 65, 78, or 90 degrees. You can also adjust the frame rate and resolution and manually zoom up to 5x.

The Brio is set up to be future-proof with a USB 3.0 interface. It does work with USB 2.0 ports, but the only way you’ll be able to record the full 4K is with a USB 3.0 port, so make sure your Mac or PC meets these minimum requirements for 4K video recording.

Logitech Brio

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam

While most people don’t need a 4K webcam, many jobs depend on the advanced resolution, and the Brio is the most advanced webcam you can get before upgrading to a DSLR.

How to set up the best Mac webcams like a pro

We’ve listed the cream of the crop for the best webcams for Mac, PC, and streaming, but there is more to a webcam than just the camera itself. Lighting, positioning, and audio are also important to get the best quality video. You don’t have to be a pro to look like one, and you don’t necessarily need to spend money like a pro either.

Do you need a webcam tripod?

All of the webcams on our list, and most webcams of any brand, come with their own mount that you can put directly onto your computer, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop. So you don’t need a tripod. There are, however, some reasons why you may want a tripod for your webcam. If that’s the case, don’t miss out on the best webcam tripods.

Positioning is key to good framing with a webcam. When you mount your webcam to your computer, you don’t have a lot of flexibility in how high or which direction it faces. You may have already noticed that many people in video chats look like they’re looking down at something instead of directly at the screen. That’s because their webcam is sitting up high at the top of a large-screen computer, way above eye level. Or, you may have also noticed that you’re always looking up the nose of your video chat mate. That’s because they’re using a laptop (probably on their lap) with the camera below their chin.

Ideally, you’d have your webcam positioned directly in front of your face with about two feet between you and the camera (webcams with zoom make it even easier to adjust the closeness). You also want to have your head take up more of the screen than you realize. You don’t want your background to be the main focus. When possible, get the top of your head to sit about an inch or two below the top of the screen.

Sometimes, just a minor adjustment to the left or right will enhance your angle. A webcam lets you make these small rotations, as well as angle up or down.

Do you need special webcam lighting?

If you’re having Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts meetings with friends, family, or coworkers, you can make use of the natural lighting around you instead of spending the extra money on special lighting. Though some webcams, like the Razer Kiyo, have built-in lighting. The key is to have a window that lets in light in front of you. The natural sunlight will give you nice lighting without being too bright. A window off to the side will work, too. But ideally, it should be in front of you. Don’t video chat or stream with your back to bright light; this will turn you into a shadow.

If you’re doing more than video conferencing with friends, family, or coworkers, you may want to consider some of the best lighting accessories for webcam streaming. A ring light is a standard amongst video podcasters and streamers. It provides a nice bright light directly on your face to keep you from having weird shadows in places like under your eyes or nose, which aren’t very flattering.

Be aware, however, that with a ring light comes some additional lighting needs. Depending on the type of ring light you use, you may end up washed out in your dimly lit room. So, if you don’t have a decent amount of natural light surrounding your room, you should look into a panel light or two, or at least place a desk lamp or two behind your webcam, reflecting off of a wall to create ambient lighting.

We could go much deeper into lighting for webcams, but that’s a story for a different article.

Do you need a webcam with a microphone?

Every webcam on this list and most webcams come with a built-in microphone, but most of them have subpar mics. Again, if you’re chatting with friends and family or sitting in on a meeting, the microphone in your webcam is probably good enough, but it might be a little muffled or underwater-sounding.

I don’t ever use the built-in microphone on any webcam, but I do use the best headphones. Any headphones with a microphone will work just fine with your computer and webcam. There’s no special driver needed. Just connect your headphones to your computer, and when you start up your video chat or streaming program, just check the settings to make sure it’s connected to your headphones or earbuds for audio input.

If, however, you’re trying to get your brand recognized, you should definitely spend the extra money on a quality microphone. Audio quality is just as important, and I would even argue more important than video quality. You should have an external microphone connected directly to the device you record audio to. The best podcasting microphone should have frequency adjustors and noise reduction. You should also get a microphone mount to protect against accidental table bumps.

Pay close attention when buying a microphone for your computer. If it isn’t natively a USB microphone, you’re also going to need to get an audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett.

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