Siri trivia game: How to play the April Fools’ Day Easter egg

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Siri trivia game: How to play the April Fools' Day Easter egg

Apple is getting in on April Fools’ Day subtly with a hidden Siri easter egg. While we’ve seen clever responses to questions for Apple’s virtual assistant on April 1 in the past, this year the Siri trivia game is aiming to check “how gullible” we all are.

If you ask Siri something like, “what are you up to?” today, you’ll get a response like “I’m seeing just how gullible people are! Try, ‘Hey Siri, True or False?’”

That query opens up the True or False Game with some fun trivia ranging from geography to history, animals to some really random ones including:

  • Is scorpion venom is the most valuable liquid in the world?
  • Did a man eat an entire airplane?
  • What key do horseflies buzz in?
  • Is a single slice of pizza called a “pizzum”?
  • Is there a mountain in Australia called Mount Disappointment?
  • Was paper money invented before toilet paper?
  • Was Leonardo Da Vinci was known for painting with his eyes closed?

It looks like there is a good amount of tricky trivia available as when you’re done with the first five questions, Siri shows your score and asks if you want to keep playing or share your score.

Check out the fun April Fools’ Day trivia game by saying “Hey Siri, True or False?”

In other Siri news, Apple added a new voice recently with iOS 15.4 and also squased a bug that sent Siri recordings to the company even if you opted out:

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