Kuo: iPhone to get under-display Face ID in 2024

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Ross Young: iPhone 16 to feature under-display Face ID

Last week, display analyst Ross Young took to Twitter to say that Apple, rather than advancing Touch ID, plans to instead focus on Face ID improvements on the iPhone in the near future.

The analyst, responding to a report about under-display Touch ID coming as soon as 2025, said that the company to take the Face ID camera system under the display in 2024 with the iPhone 16.

This weekend, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also took to Twitter to agree with Young. Kuo also believes that Apple is working to bring Face ID under the display in 2024 and that, rather than such a feat being a technical issue, the company has already figured out how to do it.

According to Kuo, it isn’t coming to the iPhone until 2024 because of “a marketing purpose.”

Apple has been rumored to be working on under-display authentication technology for a while now. The only recent changes to authentication have been the Touch ID button being integrated into the power button on the iPad and the size of the Face ID system shrinking slightly on the iPhone.

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