Analyst says Apple is increasing iPhone 13, slashing iPhone SE production to meet demand

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Apple is reportedly slashing its iPhone SE orders in an attempt to deal with unexpectedly low demand, according to a report. The company is said to be increasing iPhone 13 orders as a result.

That claim comes from Loop Capital analyst John Donovan via Seeking Alpha, with Apple said to be pivoting away from iPhone SE just weeks after it went on sale. The same report also notes that the “dismal” sales of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini handsets have finally caused Apple to realize that they’re too small for the masses.

Following the “dismal” results of the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini, Donovan believes that Apple (AAPL) has finally realized that smaller iPhones have “limited appeal” and given the wide availability of the iPhone 13, the iPhone SE is unlikely to sell well.

However, while many could see that the mini iPhones weren’t as popular as some might have expected, it’s thought that Apple was still taken by surprise and that’s why the pivot from iPhone SE production to that of iPhone 13 is now required.

“Despite this, clearly this lack of demand is surprising to AAPL and the pivot to more iPhone 13’s is underway,” Donovan explained, adding that it was a “savvy move” by Apple to use the same processor for the iPhone SE with 5G and iPhone 13.

The new iPhone SE comes with the same A15 Bionic processor as Apple’s more costly iPhone 13, something that might mean that the company can simply repurpose parts that were destined for its budget option.

While the newer iPhone SE could be the best iPhone for a ton of people, thanks in part to its $429 asking price, the iPhone 13 is a difficult device to overlook for both customers and analysts alike.

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