How to fix PS4 and PS5 Remote Play problems with the iPad

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How to fix PS4 and PS5 Remote Play problems with the iPad

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Are you having issues getting PlayStation Remote Play to work with your iPad? Don’t worry – there’s a couple of different things that could be going on. Your iPad may not compatible with Remote Play if it’s a much older model. It’s also possible that Remote Play wasn’t set up correctly in the first place. The biggest problem could be your internet connection. For any case, here is how you can fix your PlayStation Remote Play issues on your iPad.

Make sure your iPad is compatible

First, if you want to use Remote Play from your PS4 or PS5, make sure you have a compatible iPad. For the best experience possible, you’ll want to be using one of the best iPads available. You need to be using either a 6th generation iPad or later, a 2nd generation iPad Pro or later, or a 3rd-generation iPad Air or late.

If you’ve purchased a new iPad in the last couple of years, or you’re running iPadOS 15, you’re probably okay, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check here. If you have an earlier model, you’ll need to purchase a new model that will support Remote Play. If you’re not sure what model iPad you have, there’s an easy way you can check.

  1. Open your iPad and tap settings.
  2. Tap about and then tap model.

    iPad model information

    Source: iMore

  3. You’ll now see a short code beginning with the letter A.
  4. If you have a regular iPad, you’re good if the code is A1893, A1954, A2200, A2198, A2197, A2428, A2429, A2430, A2270, A2602, A2603, A2604, A2605.
  5. If you have an iPad Pro, you’re good if the code is any of the following: A1876, A2014, A1895, A1983, A1980, A2013, A1934, A1979, A1983, A1895, A2014, A1876, A2231, A2230, A2068, A2233, A2232, A2069, A2229, A2460, A2301, A2459, A2377, A2462, A2379, A2461, A2378.
  6. If you’ve got an iPad Air, the code needs to be one of these: A2152, A2123, A2153, A2154, A2324, A2325, A2072, A2316, A2589, A2591, A2588.

If your tablet code matches one of the examples above, you are in the clear. Next, we’ll check if your app is installed properly, your internet speed, and hopefully get your Remote Play to work.

Check your internet speed

If your iPad is compatible, double-check that you’ve updated to iPadOS 13 or later, as that’s also required. Then, let’s make sure you set up Remote Play correctly.

  1. If you’ve already installed it, uninstall it and follow the instructions we’ve laid out.
  2. Now, let’s check your internet connection.
  3. Make sure your iPad is connected to the internetnot to 5G using data, as that won’t work.
  4. Both your iPad and your console need to be connected to Wi-Fi.

If you’re on a PS4:

  1. Start up your PS4.
  2. Go to Settings.

    Check internet speed on PS4: PS4 network settings

    Source: iMore

  3. Go to network.

    Check internet speed on PS4: PS4 test internet connection

    Source: iMore

  4. Now press test internet connection.

If you’re on a PS5

  1. Start up your PS5
  2. Select Settings.

    Check internet speed on PS5: PS5 Network Settings

    Source: iMore

  3. Go to Network Settings.
  4. Select Test Internet Connection.

    Check internet speed on PS5: PS5 Test Internet Connection

    Source: iMore

No matter your console, it will now run the internet speed test. You need to be getting at least 5mbs to use Remote Play and getting 15mbs or well above is ideal for maintaining a smooth, hiccup-free connection. Otherwise, the connection will stutter, freeze, experience framerate drops and audio glitches, or not connect at all.

Internet speed is crucial for using PlayStation Remote Play. If your internet speeds are normally higher than the 5mbs reading, try rebooting your router, or talk to your service provider. If you aren’t getting at least 5mbs and you still want to use Remote Play on your iPad, it may be time to upgrade your internet. If your internet speed is fine, there might be an issue with PlayStation Network, which you can check the official status website.

PlayStation Remote Play for iOS devices launched back in 2019, so a lot of the early issues have been fixed and as a general rule, performance is far better than it used to be. Sony even introduced PS5 DualSense support for Remote Play, alongside the previously-compatible DualShock 4. Hopefully, as time goes on, Sony will continue to work with Apple on ironing out the different kinks and backend issues.

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