Pre-register for NEOCRAFT’s Chronicle of Infinity ARPG in the App Store now

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Pre-register for NEOCRAFT's Chronicle of Infinity ARPG in the App Store now

Fans of action RPG titles will have a new one to try out on iPhone and iPad come April 7 when NEOCRAFT’s Chronicle of Infinity lands in the App Store — and it can be pre-ordered now.

Those keen to make sure that they can play the game as soon as possible can now pre-register their interest and have the App Store automatically download it once it’s available. Pocket Gamer reports that’ll be on April 7, so only a few more days left to wait.

The title will see players work their way through stunning 3D worlds and “fend off the Obsidian Army’s ongoing violent attack.” They’ll play as a Guardian who “responded to the call” of the Astral Alliance. What happens next will involve the typical action RPG game mechanics as well as a 150-player battle royale mode, dubbed Apex Guerilla.

The Scholar of Lost Magic.

With amazing talent and high intensity training, the Arcania mastered the magic of both time and space. Although the Arcania are physically weak, their powerful magic is what the enemies are really afraid of

Notably, NEOCRAFT is also going to be giving away prizes to some of those who get pre-registered, with AirPods and iPhone 13 handsets just some of the things on offer.

If that tickles your fancy you can pre-order Chronicle of Infinity from the App Store now. It’s free, although there will likely be plenty of opportunities to part with your cash once you get into the game. More information can be gleaned via the game’s website, too.

It isn’t all good news, though. It doesn’t appear that Chronicle of Infinity supports game controllers, which is a shame. Want to add one to your loadout for other games regardless? Check out our list of the best iPhone game controllers to get started.

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