Bento is a new iPhone to-do app that wants you to do less

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Bento is a new iPhone to-do app that wants you to do less

Bento is a new iPhone to-do app that’s designed to help you pick the important things and then do them, not collect tasks you’ll never do.

If you’ve been an iPhone user for any length of time you’ll know that the App Store is already full to the brim with task managers. Some are better than others and then some are the best iPhone task managers money can buy. But Bento doesn’t want to be any of that. Bento is different because it’s all about picking a handful of things that are important, not filling it with reminders to buy some milk.

Bento limits you to three tasks per box and you can have a total of seven different boxes at any one time. From there, you choose small, medium, and large tasks so that you can then organize things into a task order that works for you.

From here, there are three energy-based workflows that allow you to line things up based on how you’re feeling or how you find you work best.

Once you have your 3 priority tasks. We’ve created 3 workflows, Eat That Frog, Climb The Summit, and the Slow Burn to help you best order your day for success and energy.

The app explains what all of that means, but once you’re underway you can use the focus mode and use a countdown timer to help you stay on track.

The Bento app itself features six gorgeously animated themes and you can choose the one that sits best with you — or switch between them, whatever works! And yes, there are light and dark modes offered, too.

Those with existing task management systems can even use Bento alongside those, whether they’re using OmniFocus, Things, or something else. Just choose the tasks that fit into Bento and away you go. If that sounds like something that might help you get things done, Bento is available in the App Store now. It’s priced at $5.99.

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