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Apple Watch Bands

Do you consider the Apple Watch to be more than just a fantastic fitness and communication device, but also a fashion statement? If this sounds like you, you’re in good company. I’ll confess to owning several dozen Apple Watch bands and counting. From one true Apple Watch band aficionado to another, here are some of the best Apple Watch bands to enhance its looks and functionality.

Unless otherwise noted, each band below will fit any generation Apple Watch and is available in both the 38/40/41mm and 42/44/45mm sizes.

For Apple fanatics:
Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band

Staff Pick

I’ll never forget Jony Ive’s silky smooth introduction to the simple yet elegant Milanese Loop. Light hits the stainless steel mesh just right and gives it a subtle shine. The magnetic loop closure means the band will comfortably fit just about any wrist; you won’t be stuck between sizes or holes. It comes in three colors to complement your Apple Watch. Dress it up or dress it down; the Milanese Loop looks equally at home at the office, the cocktail party, or running around town.

Heyday Apple Watch Band

Great value:
Heyday Apple Watch Band

Though it has a regular buckle rather than the elegant pin-and-tuck closure that Apple’s fluoroelastomer Sport Band has, this is a good quality silicone alternative that costs substantially less and comes in lots of colors. I wear this band frequently, and it’s held up perfectly with no visible wear and tear. Unlike some cheap silicone bands, this one doesn’t get tacky or sticky with repeated use.

$10 at Target


Well-priced leather:
WFEAGL Apple Watch Band Top Grain Leather

Perhaps you’d like a genuine leather band, but you’d like to spend less money. Enter WFEAGL. This top-grain leather band comes in a dizzying array of leather colors and plenty of hardware color options too. It comes in both Apple Watch sizes, and it adjusts to fit wrists ranging from 5.3 to 7.7 inches. It even comes with a TPU screen protector to prevent damage to your watch.

$18 at Amazon

LDFAS Apple Watch Band

Elegant metal band:
LDFAS Apple Watch Band

It’s perfect if you want a formal-looking metal band to wear to the office or anyplace you want to feel a little more polished or dressed up. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to look great. LDFAS has gravitas and elegance but not a big price tag. An adjustment tool is included so that you can remove links for a perfect fit. The band comes in both Apple Watch sizes and can be adjusted to fit wrists ranging from 5.9 to 8.5 inches. This one only comes in the larger size. The LDFAS band has a lifetime warranty.

From $14 at Amazon

Wearlizer X Link Apple Watch Band Champagne Gold Render Cropped

Jewelry style:
Wearlizer X-Link Apple Watch Band

This one looks like a delicate bracelet, not just a band to hold your Apple Watch onto your wrist. The sweet “X” design and a few tasteful rhinestones elevate the style and make it appropriate to wear with a dress or any dressy attire. There are four folding clasps that can be removed to adjust the bracelet size. No tools are necessary. The band comes in Apple Watch sizes, lots of colors, and adjusts to fit wrists ranging from 5.5 to 8.67 inches.

From $23 at Amazon

Oulucci Apple Watch Band Colorblock Render Cropped

OULUCCI Apple Watch Band

This slim, tapered tri-tone color block look is fire, though there are solid color offerings as well. In addition to the variety of leather colors and patterns, there are different hardware colors as well, so you can match your watch. Every Apple Watch generation and size are covered here. The band fits wrists from 5.5 inches to 8 inches around.

From $11 at Amazon

Swees Apple Watch Band Sport Style Render Cropped

Slim silicone:
Swees Sport Band

Not everyone likes a big, wide band on their wrist. This tapered silicone number gives you a more delicate look with your swim, gym, athleisure, or anywhere attire. Since it’s silicone, you can go ahead and swim in it. The narrow band is flexible and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear all day or even overnight. The pin-and-tuck closure stays secure and out of the way. Choose from lots of gorgeous colors, suitable for all generations and available for both watch sizes.

From $7 at Amazon

Nomad Modern Strap

Premium leather:
Nomad Modern Strap

When you think leather and think of Apple accessories, you can’t help but think Nomad. From chargers and cases to Apple Watch bands, Nomad means quality. Crafted from full-grain Horween leather, this band will develop a beautiful patina over time. Wear this band when you want to dress up your Apple Watch; I would not recommend wearing a leather band in the water or to the gym.

Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff

Statement cuff:
Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff for Apple Watch

If you like the thick, rugged look of a cuff, look no further than Pad & Quill’s top-quality take on the style. Made with a strong full-grain leather outside layer and a soft pigskin inner layer, this cuff is durable and comfortable. Don’t worry; the Apple Watch Optical Pulse Sensor is not obstructed. The artisan who creates your band even signs it discreetly inside. Like all leather bands, this one’s not for the gym or pool. Note that this band is only made for the larger 42/44mm Apple Watch.

$49 at Pad & Quill

Burkley Slim Leather Band

Tapered leather:
Burkley Slim Leather Band

I’m a woman with a narrow wrist, and even the smaller Apple Watch looks pretty huge on me. Add a wide band, and it looks almost comical. The Burkley Slim Leather Band is the band I’d been waiting for. Its delicate tapered shape gets slimmer as it goes around the wrist, so the buckle is relatively small: perfectly proportioned for me. If you’ve wanted a top-quality full-grain leather band but usually find them too thick, you need this band. I wear this band frequently, and it’s held up well over time. Choose from a couple of shades. This one is just for the smaller 38/40/41mm Apple Watch.

$49 at Burkley

Wearlizer Apple Watch Band

Wearlizer Stainless Steel and Resin Apple Watch Band

This cool two-toned Wearlizer Stainless Steel and Resin Apple Watch Band is a blend of stainless steel and resin. You can choose from various metal and resin color combinations, such as gold with tortoiseshell resin, rose gold with light pink resin, black with navy blue resin, and many more. A removal tool is included so you can remove or add links as needed for size. The band is available for every size and generation and fits wrists from 4.7 inches to 7.5 inches.

From $27 at Amazon

Lifeproof Eco Friendly Band For Apple Watch Render Cropped

Better for the earth:
LifeProof Eco-Friendly Band for Apple Watch

The gorgeous LifeProof Eco-Friendly Band for Apple Watch feels like a woven nylon band, and it’s made from 99% recycled ocean-plastic yarn. A dollar from each purchase is donated to your choice of water charities. The band is comfortable to wear and has plenty of adjustment holes to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. Choose from four colorways: Trident (blue/green), Midnight Zone (black/gray), Ocean Amulet (purple/green), and Under the Sea (green/orange shown here).

Which Apple Watch band is best?

I like having a number of Apple Watch bands, since I do change my band to match my outfit. But if I had to give away my entire Apple Watch band collection (boo-hoo!) and could only have one band, it would be Apple’s Milanese Loop. It’s the height of Jony Ive-era Apple style, an elegant blend of form and function. Functionally, it adjusts to fit nearly every wrist with its magnetic loop closure. Since it’s stainless steel, it can contact water (just be sure to dry it off after) without damage. Rather than being thick solid steel, it’s lightweight mesh, making it ultra-comfortable to wear.

This band feels amazing to the touch and looks incredible with just the right amount of shine to flatter either the aluminum or stainless steel Apple Watch Series 7 or any other model. Your entire wardrobe will look great with this band. Wear it to the gym, the grocery store, the office, a party, or even a formal black-tie event. The Milanese Loop is one of the best Apple Watch bands you can buy, and it will enhance your Apple Watch style no matter where you go. If the Milanese Loop isn’t in the budget, get the Apple Milanese look for less.

I’ve worn my Heyday Apple Watch Band through many sweaty workouts, and it’s still exactly the same as it was when I bought it. If you want to buy just one silicone cheapie band for knocking around, this one’s a good bet.

If you’re looking for more inexpensive Apple Watch bands, and specifically bands under $20, we’ve got you covered. Pretty soon, your Apple Watch band collection will rival mine!

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