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Best replacement chargers for Nintendo Switch 2022

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replacement chargers for Nintendo Switch

When your Nintendo Switch requires a replacement charger, you want an option that is reliable, inexpensive, and one of the best Switch replacement chargers. We’ve looked into chargers and determined that these before you are the best of the best. Our top recommendation is to stick with Nintendo’s official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter as it’s least likely to have any problems. Here are the most reliable replacement chargers you can buy right now.

Best overall: AC Adapter for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

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The officially licensed Nintendo Switch AC adapter is the replacement of choice. It’s a bit expensive compared to other options on the market, but it isn’t likely to have any problems since Nintendo makes it. The cable reaches five feet long and works with any 120-volt outlet and the Switch dock.

You can also detach it from the dock and plug it directly into your Switch if you want to play with the screen in your hands. You can also use it to charge a Pro Controller. Although it is a little bulky to take on the go and doesn’t have any car charging ability, it’s a quality adapter with many good uses made directly by Nintendo, placing it at the top of our list of best Switch replacement chargers.


  • Officially licensed
  • 5-foot cable
  • Works with Dock


  • Expensive
  • Isn’t a USB cable

Best overall

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

AC Adapter for Nintendo Switch

The official Nintendo Switch AC adapter

Created by Nintendo, it’s 5 feet long and can plug into any 120-volt outlet. Also, bypass the dock and plug into the Switch.

Best third-party alternative: Rocketfish – 39W USB-C AC Adapter

Rocketfish Ac Adapter Lifestyle Nintendo Switch

Source: Rocketfish

This generic AC adapter charger supports TV mode and works with the Switch dock. The cable is 6 feet long, giving you plenty of cord to reach an outlet. You can also plug this adapter directly into the Switch. Because this cable is compatible with the Switch console, Pro Controller, and Dock, it’s a good all-around cord to have for the Switch and its accessories.

Since this isn’t a USB, you cannot remove the cable from the adapter. It cannot be used without access to an outlet to plug it into, so this is not a good on-the-go option for travel. If not having the name brand adapter is something you are comfortable with, this is a great choice for you as it works just as well.


  • Inexpensive
  • 6-foot cable
  • Works with accessories


  • Isn’t a USB
  • Isn’t officially licensed

Best third-party alternative

Rocketfish Ac Adapter Nintendo Switch

Rocketfish – 39W USB-C AC Adapter

Inexpensive AC adapter

This inexpensive adapter works as well as the official one. Use the 6-foot cord with the Dock, Switch console, or Pro Controller.

Best USB adapter: Insignia Power Pack

Insignia Power Pack

Source: Insignia

The Insignia Power Pack is the traveler’s adapter. You can easily pack and store the detachable USB and adapter in a bag or purse. The cord is 6.5 feet long, making it longer than the official adapter. It also comes with a USB car charger so you can play during long car trips.

It does not work with the Switch docking station, which means you won’t be able to play on the TV using this adapter. It’s also a bit more expensive than other options, but that’s the price to pay to get a USB charger for your Switch. The USB option is what allows you to use it while traveling and with a car charger.


  • 6.5-foot USB cable
  • Packs and stores easily


  • Doesn’t work with Dock
  • Cannot play on TV
  • Expensive

Best USB adapter

Insignia Power Pack

Insignia Power Pack

The perfect traveling adapter

Great for handheld mode. It’s detachable, easy to store and travel with, and includes a car charger. Can’t work with the dock.

Best long cable: FYOUNG Charger for Nintendo Switch

Fyoung Nintendo Switch Charger Lifestyle

Source: Amazon

FYOUNG offers one of few longer options at 9.8 feet instead of the usual 5 feet with this cable. This USB charging cable is powerful enough for you to charge and play at the same time when your battery is low. Don’t worry about massive tangles; this cable is made to reduce tangling, preventing damage via splitting.

This cable is only good for charging, though, so if you’re looking to connect it to the TV or use it with the dock, you’ll need something else. If you want something that has some length to it so you can charge from a distance, this is the one.


  • 9.8-foot USB cable
  • Can charge and play simultaneously when battery is low
  • Anti-tangle cable


  • Doesn’t work with Dock
  • Cannot play on TV

Best long cable

Fyoung Nintendo Switch Charger

FYOUNG Charger for Nintendo Switch

Add some length

Giving you more than 9 feet of anti-tangle cable to work with, this is a great, long option for just the Switch console.

Best braided cable: TalkWorks Braided Reinforced Charging Cable

Talkworks Braided Nintendo Switch Charger Lifestyle

Source: Amazon

Braided cables are useful for people who tend to be hard on their cables. The braid allows for a little more strength to protect against unwanted bends that cause splitting and exposed wire. This 6-foot cable offers a sleek white nylon braid and gives you a little bit of extra length.

This option is just for the Switch console and doesn’t work with the dock or TV. This may be a good backup for travel as opposed to a primary option. A lot of potential movement and twisting, such as carrying a cord during travel, may really be the only reason to need a braided strength cable.


  • 6-foot USB cable
  • Braided cord to protect against bends
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t work with Dock
  • Cannot play on TV
  • White cable doesn’t match the black of the Switch

Best braided cable

Talkworks Braided Nintendo Switch Charger Lifestyle

TalkWorks Braided Reinforced Charging Cable

Strength in the braid

Get a strong cable with this nylon braid. Resistant to bends and with a little extra length at 6 feet.

Best dock compatible with length: Nyko AC Power Cord

Nyko Nintendo Switch Ac Cord Lifestyle

Source: Nyko

Use this cord with the dock or the Switch alone. It’s 6.5 feet long, giving you a little more length than the usual 5 feet. This is a cord that can be used with the Dock so you can play on the TV.

It’s a more affordable option than the Nintendo AC adapter and easier to take on the go. The prongs in the plug fold up so you can travel or store it without worrying about bending the prongs out of place. The 15 volts of power allow you to play and charge at the same time.


  • 6.5-foot cable
  • Play and charge at the same time
  • Foldable prongs
  • Affordable

Best dock compatible with length

Nyko Nintendo Switch Ac Cord

Nyko AC Power Cord

Travel ease

Traveling comes easy with this cord’s fold-up prongs! Get a little more length out of your cord than average at 6.5 feet long.

Bottom line

When it comes to a Nintendo Switch adapter, all you really want is reliability and a decent cord length. Several third-party options are available aside from the official Nintendo AC Adapter, but you’ll want to be careful that you don’t purchase a dud. Currently, no USB adapters work with the Nintendo Switch Dock.

To determine the best Switch replacement chargers, we looked at user reviews, product descriptions, and cord length. The best replacements work with your dock so that you can play on TV. We noticed that 5 feet is the standard for all AC adapter cables. We would like to see more options that offer a longer cord for those hard-to-reach spots. We’re constantly looking for the best Nintendo Switch accessories, so we’ll keep you informed of any new and outstanding adapters that make their way onto the market.


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