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Best HomeKit apps for Apple TV 2022

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If you own HomeKit accessories and an Apple TV, you may have noticed that there isn’t a full-blown Home app for the big screen. Sure, you can use Siri via the Apple TV remote or set your favorite scenes in Control Center — but sometimes a grid view or the ability to automatically cycle through your cameras is just better. Thankfully, there are apps available that can help fill the void! Here are some of the best Apple TV HomeKit apps to add to your home theater today.

HomeCam for HomeKit

Homecam Apple Tv App

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HomeCam, the premier HomeKit camera app available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is also on the Apple TV. This app makes your cameras just a click away at all times, and it even includes controls for accessories in the same room while hiding all others that are not relevant.

While tvOS now supports HomeKit camera streaming directly from Control Center, you are limited to a grid view or a single live view. With HomeCam, you can set the app to auto-cycle through all of your feeds, keeping you aware of all the action while giving you the most extensive full-screen view possible.

Homecam Apple TV App

HomeCam for HomeKit

HomeCam for HomeKit goes above and beyond the built-in camera capabilities in tvOS with a handy fullscreen view that automatically switches between your feeds.

Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee

Thermowatch Apple Tv App

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Thermo Watch is an Apple TV app tailored explicitly to controlling your home’s heating and air. This app works with HomeKit thermostats, like ecobee, and gives you access to temperature adjustments, changing modes, and even toggling on the fan, right from the Siri remote.

In addition to HomeKit, Thermo Watch also works with select Nest thermostats, which is enormous for those patiently waiting for support for Apple’s smart home platform. If that wasn’t enough, Thermo Watch is available on all of your iOS devices and the best Apple Watch, making it quite the bargain.

Thermowatch Apple Tv App

Thermo Watch for Nest & Ecobee

If you want a simple way to adjust your HomeKit thermostat, then look no further than Thermo Watch. Large, easy-to-use controls make cooling the house easy, and additional sensors put data like humidity on the big screen.


Emblazee Tvos App Screens

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If controlling your HomeKit lights is all you need, then emblazee may be the right app for you. Optimized for TVs, emblazee has quick toggle controls and a color selection tool for setting the perfect mood right from the comforts of your couch.

emblazee also comes with an iOS, iPadOS, and Apple Watch app, keeping everything familiar if you like its clean design. Additional features such as scheduling, scenes, zones, and groups are available on the smaller screens.

Emblazee Apple Tv App


HomeKit lights are just a few clicks away using the emblazee app on your Apple TV. This app has easy-to-use controls, such as a large color selector that works by sliding your finger across the Siri Remote.

Neon for PhilipsHue & LIFX

Neon Apple Tv App Screens

Source: SpaceNation Inc. CA

Don’t let the name fool you — Neon for PhilipsHue & LIFX on the Apple TV works for all of your color-capable HomeKit lights. With Neon, you can create and play dynamic color scenes on light bulbs, light strips, and lamps with a few clicks of the Siri Remote.

Neon features many customization options that include transition timing adjustments, tempo, color saturation, brightness levels, and flashing. The best part about Neon, though, is that it controls your lights without having to create tons of additional scenes that will clutter your Home app on other devices.

Neon Tvos App Store Icon

Neon for PhilipsHue & LIFX

Neon makes creating custom dynamic color scenes for your HomeKit lighting possible using just the Siri Remote. This handy app works with all HomeKit color lights — not just Hue and LIFX.


Streamie Tvos App Screens

Source: Symphonic Systems, Inc.

Streamie is another HomeKit camera app that helps you keep an eye on everything in and around your home. With a classic grid view, this app can display up to 25 cameras through the latest and greatest Apple TV 4K, including cameras outside of the HomeKit world that use the RTSP protocol.

This app doesn’t just show you cameras, though — it can pan, tilt, and zoom into your feeds. You can also save events directly to an iCloud Shared Photo Album with a click. The app is free to try, limiting you to just one camera, but if that is all you have, Streamie is a great way to see how valuable your Apple TV can be.

Streamie Apple Tv App


Streamie brings the classic closed-circuit video feed view to the HomeKit world through Apple TV. This free to try app can display up to 25 — yes 25, cameras all at once.

Put your accessories on the big screen with the best Apple TV HomeKit apps

Until we get a full-blown Home app on the Apple TV, the best HomeKit apps can help put your smart home accessories on the big screen. The best tvOS apps allow you to set your Apple TV up as a home security monitor that automatically cycles through your cameras. Or, you can summon a colorful scene with effects to match your tunes — all with a click of the Siri Remote.

Updated April 2022: Updated with latest Apple TV app picks.

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