Best Nintendo Switch OLED cases that fit in the dock 2022

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Best Nintendo Switch OLED cases that fit in the dock 2022

Nintendo Switch OLED cases that fit in the dock

The Nintendo Switch OLED provides a clean revision of Nintendo’s hybrid gaming console. The larger OLED screen means there’s a new dock, which in turn means that you’ll need new cases if you want to keep your Nintendo Switch protected while it’s in the dock. We’ve rounded up a few options for you to choose from.

Well protected:
Mumba Dockable Case – Nintendo Switch OLED

Staff Pick

The Mumba case for the Nintendo Switch OLED is perfectly compatible with the dock. The material is both scratch-resistant and shock absorbent, whether you’re safekeeping it in the dock or picking it up and carrying it around. You can even remove the Joy-Cons without taking the case off, so you’re good to keep it on as long as you want. Get it in black, purple, white, blue, or red.

$21 at Amazon

Heystop Switch Oled Case Dockable

Cheap option:
HEYSTOP Dockable Switch OLED Case

With its minimalist design, textured grips, and ability to fit into a Switch OLED dock, this case is a great purchase for anyone looking to save some money. The case is designed in such a way that you can still use the kickstand, plus it comes with thumb grips to give you more traction while playing your games. You can get it in black, white, or pink.

From $10 Amazon

Aknes Nintendo Switch Oled Case Reco

Clean screen:
AKNES Nintendo Switch OLED Case

The AKNES Nintendo Switch OLED case is a combination, including a hard shell that’ll help protect your Switch from damage. It’s also got a glass screen protector, ensuring that the big OLED screen stays safe and won’t get dirty or damaged from everyday use, even if you’re sliding it in and out of the dock regularly. It comes in black, clear, grey, or white.

$11 at Amazon

Dlseego Protective Glitter Case

Sparkly protection:
DLseego Protective Glitter Case

Give your Switch OLED a fun glittery theme with this clear protective case. It even covers the kickstand in such a way that you’ll still be able to use it at varying angles. Plus, it’s so thin that it easily fits into the Switch OLED dock, so you can place it or pull it out of TV mode whenever you’d like.

$16 at Amazon

Supcase Nintendo Switch Oled Case Reco

Totally encased:
SUPCASE Nintendo Switch OLED case

If you’re extremely nervous about your Nintendo Switch OLED being damaged in or out of the dock, consider the SUPCASE Nintendo Switch OLED case. The material is designed to absorb as much wear and tear as theoretically possible while still not cutting off access to the different ports.

$19 at Amazon

Clolow Dockable Switch Oled Case Blue Ocean Art Theme

Unique design:
Clolow Dockable Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

Give your Joy-Cons and Switch OLED a matching theme while still making your kickstand usable. Just slide it over your console and Joy-Cons and you’re good to go. You can get it in this fun blue dragon theme, a black Zelda Breath of the Wild theme, or a white Sailor Moon theme.

$29 at Amazon

Keep your OLED safe

The larger size of the Nintendo Switch OLED means that while you can still use all your Joy-Con controllers, you’ll need new accessories, which extends to the case. No matter what case you pick, you can have peace of mind that your Nintendo Switch is secure while playing it on the go or docked. This will ensure you aren’t distracted from playing through the best Nintendo Switch games.

We recommend grabbing the Mumba Dockable Case for Nintendo Switch OLED for the best overall balance. This case provides a great amount of protection while not being too bulky that it’s awkward to use. Some Nintendo Switch screens get scratched when taking it in and out of the dock, so a case is a solid way to prevent that.

If you want a carrying case, you’ll need to look elsewhere and consider investing in one of the overall best Nintendo Switch OLED cases. For anyone valuing the flexibility afforded by a case that works with the dock, you’ll be happy with one of these options.

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