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One of the first series to launch on Apple TV+, we will get to see the third season of the space drama “For All Mankind” on June 10.

Based in the 1990s, “For All Mankind” season three will be focused on Mars, something we are still trying to get done in our own universe by the 2030s at best. The first episode will air on June 10, with the next nine episodes being released weekly every Friday.

So far, all we have of season three from Apple is a 40-second teaser that shows a group of astronauts on the Red Planet. We were left in season two with tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States at an all-time high as rival Moon bases collided. What we could see in the season and on Mars is only up to the imagination, but the EVA suits worn by the astronauts could leave some clues.

Could Season three of ‘For All Mankind’ lead to USSR and US cooperation?

Season three of “For All Mankind” is set in 1995. Taking cues from our timeline, that year was the start of cooperation between NASA and the Soviet Union on Space Station Mir. The writers on the show have done their homework on space history, so let’s speculate a little bit.

For the first time, we get to see more than just boots on the surface of Mars. However, we still don’t get to see which faction, but we get a glimpse of the spacesuits, and there are two different designs. The trailer also starts with Wrenn Schmidt’s character Margo Madison, a flight director for NASA, talking about cooperation. Season two began with the partnership on FAM’s version of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. So maybe season three starts with cooperation between the USSR and US on a mission to Mars?

We will just have to wait and see. “For All Mankind” season three will premier on Apple TV+, so you might want to order yourself an Apple TV box and catch up (or re-binge, we aren’t judging) before June 10.

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