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AMD Ryzen 7000 "together we advance_PCs” Live Blog (7pm ET/23:00 UTC)

06:57PM EDT – Thank you, as always, for joining us for AMD’s together we advance_PCs event

06:58PM EDT – We should hopefully get under way on time, in around 30 seconds

07:00PM EDT – And we’re about to begin within the next 40 seconds

07:01PM EDT – And we’re under way

07:02PM EDT – Welcome to AMD’s together we advance_PCs event

07:02PM EDT – Enter AMD’s CEO, Dr. Lisa Su

07:03PM EDT – AMD is set to announce four new architectures today…

07:03PM EDT – Starting with Zen 4, based on TSMC 5nm

07:04PM EDT – Pushing the envelope on PC innovation, Zen 4

07:05PM EDT – AMD Ryzen 7000 series, New CPU core design, leadership in performance and efficiency

07:05PM EDT – AMD Zen 4 is first 5 nm desktop processor

07:05PM EDT – With PCIe 5.0, DDR5, (But no DDR4 support, unfortunately)

07:06PM EDT – AMD Ryzen 7000 series, 13% uplift in performance over Zen 3 (5000 Series)

07:06PM EDT – Up to 29% single threaded performance, Up to 5.7 GHz

07:06PM EDT – AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, Flagship CPU for Gaming and Content Creators

07:07PM EDT – Some in house performance figures

07:07PM EDT – Ryzen 9 7950X is the ‘fastest CPU in the world’

07:08PM EDT – And Lisa runs a V-Ray Render benchmark, Core i9-12900K vs Ryzen 9 7950X, 62% increase in performance

07:08PM EDT – 47% better performance per watt on Ryzen 9 7950X versus Core i9-12900K

07:09PM EDT – Four new CPUs, Ryzen 7950X, 7900X, 7700X and 7600X

07:10PM EDT – Demoing F1 2022 with the Ryzen 7600X, 11% faster than Core i9-12900K

07:10PM EDT – 5% faster overall on average on Ryzen 7600X

07:11PM EDT – And here comes Mark Papermaster

07:11PM EDT – Zen 4 ‘disrupted’ the industry with efficiency and energy gains

07:12PM EDT – AMD Zen 4 on 5 nm, Ryzen 7000 for Desktop, High Performance processing

07:12PM EDT – Zen 4 delivers again, AMD on fire

07:13PM EDT – Zen 4 brings 13% Core IPC uplift, New front end design, and AVX-512 AI acceleration

07:13PM EDT – Up to 13% Instruction Per Clock performance (IPC)

07:13PM EDT – “We thrive on innovation”

07:14PM EDT – 13% uplift is a ‘geomean’ of expected performance

07:14PM EDT – When compared directly to Zen 3

07:15PM EDT – 235% IPC gain overall. Core performance focus is relentless

07:15PM EDT – IPC uplift is based at 4.0 GHz fixed frequencies on the core

07:16PM EDT – Increased OP cache by 1.5x

07:16PM EDT – Adding support for AVX-512, bringing Ryzen up to date

07:17PM EDT – Using AVX-512 equals up to 1.3x performance versus Zen 3, in FP32 Inferencing

07:18PM EDT – 5nm is the leading edge process technology

07:18PM EDT – Focusing on performance and efficiency. Zen 4, faster, smaller, using an enhanced metal stack

07:18PM EDT – 15 layer telescoping

07:19PM EDT – 18% reduction in die area when compared to Zen 3, impressive

07:19PM EDT – 62% lower power than 7 nm (5950X)

07:20PM EDT – Significant gains in both performance and efficiency, up to 75% at 65 W TDP

07:20PM EDT – Doubling down

07:20PM EDT – N5 sweet spot is at lower TDPs

07:21PM EDT – AMD Zen 4 + L2 complex is 50% smaller than the competition

07:21PM EDT – 47% more energy efficient versus the competition

07:22PM EDT – Full CPU roadmap through to 2025, Zen 5 on 4mn

07:22PM EDT – Zen 4 with 3D V-Cache coming in first half of 2023 for servers

07:22PM EDT – On track for Zen 5, by the end of 2024

07:23PM EDT – Consistently on schedule, Zen 4 is a testament to solid R+D

07:23PM EDT – Next gen designs well underway, Zen 4 delivers!

07:23PM EDT – “There will be no let up in AMD Innovation”

07:24PM EDT – Thank you Mark Papermaster. Now David McAfee comes on stage

07:24PM EDT – Diving into the platform for Zen 4, the AM5 platform

07:24PM EDT – A quick recap on the AM4 platform. Six years later, still going strong

07:25PM EDT – 125+ processors

07:25PM EDT – 500+ motherboards, 5 CPU archs, one socket

07:25PM EDT – The next frontier of Ryzen motherboards

07:25PM EDT – AM5 platform brings new levels of capability

07:26PM EDT – New LGA1718 socket, Up to 230 W power delivery on the socket

07:26PM EDT – AM5 with PCIe 5.0 and DDR5, meets your growing needs for years to come

07:26PM EDT – AM5 works with AM4 coolers

07:27PM EDT – X series boards (X670E/X670), coming in September, Enthusiast, PCIe 5.0

07:27PM EDT – X670E with PCIe 5.0 to PEG slot

07:27PM EDT – B650E chipset, PCIe 5.0 PEG and storage support

07:28PM EDT – PCIe 5.0 doubles the bandwidth

07:28PM EDT – PCIe 5.0 storage devices coming in November

07:29PM EDT – Recapping DDR4 memory, DDR5 with more bandwidth, more capacity

07:29PM EDT – AMD EXPO Technology, Extended profiles for overclocking

07:29PM EDT – One click DDR5 memory overclocking

07:29PM EDT – Lower latency (down to 63ns)

07:30PM EDT – Over 15 kits supporting AMD EXPO at launch, up to DDR5-6400

07:30PM EDT – AM5 motherboards starting from $125 USD

07:30PM EDT – Supporting AM4 until 2025

07:31PM EDT – Welcome back Dr. Lisa Su

07:31PM EDT – 11% faster ST performance versus 12900K

07:31PM EDT – Ryzen 9 7960X for $699

07:32PM EDT – Ryzen 9 7900X $549

07:32PM EDT – Ryzen 7 7700X for $399, and 7600X for $299. All available September 27th

07:32PM EDT – Now onto graphics, RDNA 3,

07:33PM EDT – First look at RDNA 3 worldwidr

07:33PM EDT – Combining next-gen architecture with 5nm chipset technology

07:33PM EDT – 50% more PPW than current gen

07:33PM EDT – Launching later this year

07:34PM EDT – Recapping Ryzen 7000, Moving AMD through to 2025 and beyond!

07:34PM EDT – (The live demo of RDNA 3 was on Lives of Free, a new title coming)

07:35PM EDT – And that concludes AMD’s we advance_PCs event

07:36PM EDT – A quick recap on pricing for Ryzen 7000

07:37PM EDT – AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, $699, Ryzen 9 7900X, $549, Ryzen 7 7700X, $399, and Ryzen 5 7600X, $299. All coming September 27th

07:37PM EDT – Thanks for joining us for AMD’s together we advance_PCs event

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