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One of the valuable updates that arrived with iOS 16 this fall is an overhauled Home app. Additions and changes in the fresh experience include a new UI and iconography, customizable sections, fresh wallpapers, a more seamless experience, and more. Now Apple has shared how it approached the big Home app update in an interview.

Speaking to Parade, Cecelia Dantas who works in Product Marketing at Apple detailed how the goal was to make the new app beautiful and workable for everyone from beginners to HomeKit experts:

“We took the opportunity to rethink and redesign the Home app. It has this fresh new look and it scales beautifully, even for those who are just starting out their smart home with a few accessories or for those who have an advanced setup.”

As I wrote in my detailed hands-on coverage of the new Home app earlier this year, it features a sharp default layout:

  • New top category buttons
  • HomeKit cameras are at the top of the app, below are Scenes and Favorites
  • Then you’ll see your other devices organized by Room
  • Most of the HomeKit device icons have been either totally updated or given a slight refresh

Other improvements include improved access to Home app settings, customizable sections, new wallpapers, and more.

Dantas also highlighted that while Apple had adopted Matter support with iOS 16.1, it “continues to apply the same lens for privacy that we do across all of our products and services. So all the data is stored using end-to-end encryption. So there’s no way for Apple to read this data. And Apple doesn’t build a profile around what accessories you use, or how you use them.”

As a refresher, Matter is a collaboration between Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, the Connectivity Standards Alliance, and many others to make it easy to use any smart home device with better reliability, speed, and performance.

An underlying technology of Matter is Thread. And we’ve already seen a number of smart device companies adopt Thread like Apple with HomePod mini, BelkinNanoleafEve, and more.

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