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Website highlights Black Friday deals on iOS and macOS apps

With Black Friday coming right up, there are a lot of good deals out there on the web – but finding them all on your own may not be an easy task. That’s why developer Jordi Bruin has created “Indie Friday Deals,” a webpage that highlights Black Friday deals on iOS and macOS apps from independent developers.

iOS and macOS apps at a discount

Bruin, who’s also an independent developer, told 9to5Mac that he wanted to group as many Black Friday deals as possible from apps made by independent devs in a single place. On the website, users can filter the offers by category or discount. It also shows details such as the discount percentage, how to redeem the offer, and whether the app requires a subscription.

The list includes some very popular apps such as 1Blocker, Apollo for Reddit, Better Touch Tool, Darkroom, Dropshare, Halide, and Tasks. Although most of the apps are for iOS, some of them also have a macOS version.

One thing to keep in mind is that all these offers will be available for a limited time. As noted by Bruin, most discounts will no longer be offered after Black Friday. If you find a good deal for an app that you really want to try, don’t miss the chance to buy it.

Most of these deals are available throughout the week, so make sure you don’t miss out! Note that some deals might not be available until later in the week.

Try the ‘Vivid’ app for a special price

On a related note, Bruin is also offering a special Black Friday discount for its Vivid app, which forces the maximum brightness level on displays supported with HDR technology. The discount matches the temperature in London in Fahrenheit for the day. “The hotter the weather, the higher your discount,” says the developer. All you have to do is use the coupon WINTERPROOF at checkout.

Have you found any other good Black Friday offers for iOS and macOS apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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