Mujjo’s new AirTag keychain accessory integrates clever hidden magnet design

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Mujjo Canopy AirTag Keychain

Mujjo is out with its newest Apple accessory today, the leather Canopy AirTag Keychain. Available in three colors of vegetable-tanned leather, the AirTag holder has a premium build with a clean black keyring.

Mujjo launched the Canopy AirTag Keychain as “an elegant way to keep track of your keys.”

The design is sleek and doesn’t use a clasp. Instead, there’s an opening just big enough to slide your AirTag while an interior magnet (that doesn’t interfere with tracking) keeps it secure.

Canopy AirTag Keychain features

Here’s how Mujjo describes the new AirTag keychain:

  • 3D moulded – We 3D moulded the leather pocket to ensure a perfect fit for your AirTag, with a side opening for easy insertion.
  • Seamless design – There isn’t one seam in the high-quality leather, so this slim keychain feels great in your hand.
  • Hidden magnet – The AirTag is securely held in place by a hidden magnet that does not affect its shape, size, or usability.
  • Durable coating – The keyring is finished in a long-lasting black PVD coating that resists corrosion and key scratches.
  • Signature leather – Made with our veg-tanned leather that ages beautifully, rated Gold for environmental standards. 
  • Pairs perfectly – Available in Tan, Black, and Monaco Blue, matching the leather and color options of our iPhone cases, AirPod cases, and MagSafe wallets.

You can pick up the Canopy AirTag Keychain direct from Mujjo for $24.

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