Apple looks like it’s going to age-restrict AI chat agents

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Apple looks like it's going to age-restrict AI chat agents

Apple blocks BlueMail over content concerns

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Based on actions it has taken against a BlueMail update, Apple looks like it’s going to apply age restrictions on AI chat generators in the App Store.

The tech giant has delayed App Store approval for an update for BlueMail over concerns that it would potentially generate inappropriate content for children.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Ben Volach, the co-founder of BlueMail developer Blix Inc. does not agree with Apple.

“Apple is making it really hard to bring innovation to our users,” Volach told WSJ.

Apple, however, claims that BlueMail does not include content filtering, despite Volach’s insistence that it does.

To gain approval, BlueMail would need to move its age restriction to 17 and older or include content filtering that Apple deems appropriate. Currently, the app’s age restriction is set for users four and older.

Volach also stated that he believed the request was unfair, as other apps with AI features aren’t subjected to the same rules.

An Apple spokesperson said developers could challenge rejections via the App Review Board process and that it’s currently looking at Blix Inc’s complaint.

ChatGPT has been a hot-button issue in recent times. In early February, Microsoft began integrating ChatGPT into its Bing search engine and Edge browser.

However, the experiments haven’t gone off without a hitch. The results from ChatGPT searches have been a mixed bag. And, as one would expect, it hasn’t taken users long to figure out how to produce outright alarming answers from the, including threats of violence against those who use the service.

However, Microsoft continues to push the integration of ChatGPT, now allowing mobile users to test out the tool with Bing mobile and Skype.

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