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How to make clear Lock Screen widgets on iPhone

Want more flexibility with customizing your iPhone’s Lock Screen? Follow along for a look at how to create clear Lock Screen widgets on iPhone that allow a greater variety of combinations with this third-party app.

It’s been great seeing Apple launch more customization features for iOS over the last few years with Home Screen widgets, Lock Screen widgets, clock font/color customization, and more.

But one of the limitations of Apple’s Lock Screen widgets implementation on iPhone is you can’t place the widgets anywhere you want. The small square-sized ones get pulled to the center and the larger rectangular ones have to sit on the left or right side.

As it happens, there’s an easy way to add clear Lock Screen widgets on iPhone to create some different designs with the Clear Spaces app ($1.99). It also makes it easy to create unique designs on your Home Screen with clear widgets that are invisible against your wallpaper.

  1. Install Clear Spaces on your iPhone ($1.99 one-time purchase)
  2. Head to your Lock Screen and long-press > tap Customize at the bottom
  3. Choose Lock Screen > now tap the widget space below the time
  4. Swipe down a bit to see the Clear Spaces icon (dark and light gray – may be your first choice showing below the recommended widgets)
  5. Now choose the small or large clear widget – for some reason, Apple doesn’t allow putting a large widget in the middle, so I used two small clear ones to create the look shown above and below
  6. X out of the widget menu and tap Done in the top right corner to set your design

Here’s how that looks:

Make clear Lock Screen widgets on iPhone 1
Make clear Lock Screen widgets on iPhone 2
Make clear Lock Screen

Using Clear Spaces, you can also choose to shift small widgets to the left or right instead of having them default to the center.

It would be nice to see Apple bring more flexibility to the Lock Screen widgets like allowing a large one to be placed in the middle of the Lock Screen widget bar.

What changes or improvements would you like to see with the iOS Lock Screen? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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