iPhone 15 Pro volume control likely a single button; possible Mute too

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iPhone 15 Pro volume control likely a single button; possible Mute too

New CAD drawings point to the iPhone 15 Pro volume control being a single rocker-style button, rather than two separate ones for up and down.

Additionally, the moving mute switch may be replaced by a button, as Apple makes a switch from mechanical controls to solid-state ones …


The iPhone 14 continued Apple’s usual arrangement for volume and mute controls: separate buttons for volume up and volume down, and a mechanical slider switch for mute.

iPhone 15 CAD drawings had so far pointed to two volume buttons even as Apple swapped out moving mechanical buttons for solid-state ones. These will use haptic motors to simulate the feel of a button push.

Our exclusive renders of the base model iPhone 15, and the larger iPhone 15 Plus, reflect what is seen on the CAD images for those models. However, there is now evidence that the iPhone 15 Pro models will adopt a different approach.

iPhone 15 Pro volume control

Based on new CAD drawings of the Pro models, two of those creating renders of the upcoming iPhones have reached the same conclusion.

YouTuber Daniel Rotar yesterday tweeted that he is almost certain that the Pro models will have a single rocker-style button for both up and down, in contrast with the two separate buttons on the standard models.

Almost 100% sure that the iPhone 15 Pro will LONG Unified Volume button, rather than 2 separate ones. While making our iPhone 15 Pro Concept, we’ve found that Apple uses 2 pins on each of the 2 volume buttons. The iPhone 15 Pro CAD only shows 2 pins on a longer volume button.

Our own Ian Zelbo has reached the same conclusion.

iPhone 15 Pro mute switch

Rotar also thinks that comparing CAD drawings also points to the moving mute switch will be replaced by a button on the iPhone 15 Pro models, through the evidence for this is slimmer.

9to5Mac’s Take

While Apple does appear to be seeking greater differentiation between the standard and Pro models, the potential differences in the volume and mute controls are clearly not something users would care about.

However, the move could potentially point to better dust and water resistance in the Pro models – or simply more advanced tech which Apple is first introducing in the more expensive iPhones.

Photo: Brian Asare/Unsplash

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