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Pokémon Go Regieleki and Regidrago

Regidrago has arrived in new Elite Raids in Pokémon Go. These are a super limited raids with only one day a month to catch one, but we here at iMore have everything you need to know to beat it and add Regidrago to your team!

Who is Regidrago in Pokémon Go?

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One of the Legendary Titans, Regidrago is the Dragon type Titan. Unfortunately for him, Dragon type is already swimming with incredibly powerful Legendaries and Megas, as well as powerful pseudo-Legendaries. As such, Regidrago will probably not be much more than a Dex entry for most players. However, given its very limited availability, you’re going to have to plan if you even want a chance at encountering it.

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Mega counters

Pokémon Go Mega Energy

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There are a handful of options for Mega Evolution when countering Regidrago, focusing on each of its weaknesses: Ice, Dragon, and Fairy.

Mega Gardevoir

Pokémon 282 Gardevoir Mega

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The top performing Pokémon in this raid is Mega Gardevoir. This Fairy and Psychic type resists Dragon type moves and has no weaknesses Regidrago can exploit. However, while it does more damage in a vacuum than any other, the vast majority of Pokémon recommended for this raid are Dragon type, so it will require coordination to make the most of its Fairy type Mega Boost. If you are bringing Gardevoir to this fight, it should know Charm and Dazzling Gleam.

Mega Salamence

Pokémon 373 Salamence Mega

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The next top performing Mega in this raid is Mega Salamence. As a Dragon and Flying type it takes super effective damage from Dragon type moves, but so do most of the top counters. If you bring Mega Salamence to this fight, it should know Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor.

Mega Latios

Pokémon 381 Latios Mega

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Another great option for a Dragon based offensive is Mega Latios. This Mega Legendary is a Dragon and Psychic type. This means he takes super effective damage from Dragon and Dark type moves, so he doesn’t last quite as long as Salamence. If you’re bringing Mega Latios to this raid, Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw is the moveset you want him to know.

Primal Groudon

Pokémon 383 Groudon Primal

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While I wouldn’t recommend bringing Primal Groudon to this raid, if you already have your Groudon reverted and don’t want to enter cooldown, it still outperforms any of the standard top counters. It’s a Ground and Fire type, meaning it has no useful resistances or weaknesses here, and it won’t be providing a same type boost to any of the recommended counters. If you do bring Primal Groudon along, it should know Dragon Tail and Precipice Blades.

Honorable mentions

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