Industry ‘report card’ shows Apple Podcasts extend its lead as top overall platform

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Industry 'report card' shows Apple Podcasts extend its lead as top overall platform

A recently-published industry “report card” has found that Apple Podcasts continues to be the most well-liked podcasts platform for creators. The survey comes from the folks at Podnews and the results are based on feedback from “135 different podcast creators.”

This report card breaks down the “sentiment from podcast creators and listeners about the podcast platforms that they use.” The results are broken down into categories including apps, directories, analytics and insights, monetization, innovation, standards, and creator relations.

The final “overall” category, which asks podcast publishers their “overall impression” of these services, shows the success of Apple this year (scores out of 5):

  1. Apple Podcasts: 3.6 (up from 3.2)
  2. Spotify: 3.2 (up from 3.0)
  3. YouTube: 2.7
  4. Amazon Music: 2.5
  5. Google Podcasts: 2.0 (down from 2.6)

In fact, Apple Podcasts came in atop almost every category, only losing out to Spotify in “directories” and “innovation.” Even in those categories, Spotify secured only a very small lead over Apple Podcasts.

Some quotes from podcasters on how “Apple has upped its game” this in the last year:

  • “Apple Podcasts is surprisingly helpful and accessible, even for mid-size shows.”
  • ”Apple has really really really invested in this. They used to suck! Kudos to them!”
  • ”The only one that wrote me back was Apple after a few days of waiting.”
  • ”Apple Podcasts is the only company I was able to reach humans in.”
  • “Apple is doing a better job of showing up, providing information, and being open.”

Podnews summarizes it as such:

Overall, then: Apple has seen a significant increase in ranking from creators, though Spotify has also seen an increase in score. Google Podcasts shows, as throughout, a disappointing decrease in rank; but YouTube is already in a challenging position against Apple and Spotify, despite not really launching anything as yet.

We’re delighted to see an improvement for both Apple and Spotify; but are also keen to help the industry continue to focus on better tools for creators and listeners.

The full report card results can be found over at Podnews. As always, don’t forget about the great lineup of podcasts on the 9to5 Network.

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