I gave my AirPods a spring cleaning with this new Belkin kit — and you should too

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Belkins AirPods cleaning kit, with AirPods Pros and parts exposed.

You may well have the best personal hygiene of anyone out there in the world, but unless you’re some sort of cyborg, your ears will be home to wax and bacteria. That’s fine, it’s natural! But you might not want that gunk to build-up on (and in) your AirPods. That’s where Belkin’s new AirPods cleaning kit comes in.

First though, some background. Cleaning your AirPods (or any in-ear buds, really) on a relatively regular basis is important for two reasons. First of all, it’ll help slow the spread of bacteria into your ear. Your ears, generally, are pretty good at self regulating the buildup of bacteria and moisture that occurs in your ear canal, but your gadgets don’t have a natural immune system to fight back, and so overtime the gunk on your buds can get pretty gross — and even potentially infectious. That’s particularly true if you’re one of the many people who workout with their AirPods in, when sweat exacerbates the problem.

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