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Belkin MagSafe power bank refreshed in two spring styles

Belkin today is rolling with the spring season change and launching a pair of refreshed colorways for one of its popular iPhone 14 accessories. Belkin Boost↑Charge Wireless Power Bank is already a notable option for MagSafe-enabled devices, and now the accessory now comes in some spring-ready styles thanks to refreshed purple and pink designs. Launching with more affordable prices than the previous offerings, these still deliver MagSafe builds with foldout kickstands.

Belkin Boost↑Charge MagSafe power bank comes in two spring styles

Belkin makes some of our favorite MagSafe gear here at 9to5Toys, and largely just some of the best iPhone accessories period. Today the company is looking to refresh some of its existing releases with new designs to pair with the stylings of Apple’s latest iPhones. At launch, the Belkin Boost↑Charge MagSafe power banks only came decked out in pretty standard white and black coats of paint, but now for spring are getting some more vibrant colors throw into the mix.

Now you’ll find both purple and pink designs being added to the lineup. Both styles come with more vibrant looks compared to the base colors from before, sporting much of the same shiny plastic builds.

In terms of features, Belkin isn’t changing anything. Adopting an if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it approach, the Boost↑Charge power bank still comes outfitted with MagSafe magnets for sticking right to the back of your iPhone 14. It’ll of course also work with 13 and 12 series handsets, too. The internal battery can refuel 5,000mAh of juice back to your device, and Belkin also employs a fold out kickstand that lets you prop up your device as it charges.

Much like even Apple’s official MagSafe Battery Pack, Belkin’s new offerings arrive with 7.5W charging speeds; so before you jump up in arms about it being lower than the usual 15W speeds we see from official accessories with the MagSafe spec, this is the standard output that we’ve come to expect from portable offerings.

Pre-order ahead of spring

Now available for pre-order on Amazon, the new purple and pink styles of Belkin Boost↑Charge MagSafe Power Bank won’t be officially shipping until the end of the month. Slated to hit the scene just after spring officially rolls around, the pair of new accessories will drop on March 24. Pricing for them is also a touch more affordable than the original two styles – now selling for $49.99 instead of the $60 MSRP you’ll find on the black and white colorways.

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