NordPass now lets users store and manage passkeys

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NordPass now lets users store and manage passkeys

Apple last year introduced passkeys support with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. The technology was created by the FIDO Alliance in partnership with Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and it aims to replace traditional passwords with new, more secure passwordless sign-in methods. Now passkey support is also coming to the NordPass password manager.

NordPass now works with passkeys

NordPass, the password manager created by the same company that provides the popular NordVPN, announced on Thursday that its app now supports passkeys. Starting today, NordPass users can store and manage their passkeys for using them on compatible websites and apps.

“With Microsoft, Apple, and Google leading the passkey vision and various websites only starting to use passkeys for online authentication, the new release by NordPass will help internet users easily adapt to this market change without compromising on security and convenience,” said the company in a statement.

Passkey support for NordPass was first teased back in January, and is now available for both individual and business customers. This allows users to access their passkeys on different devices and platforms on which NordPass is available, which includes iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.

To make the process of using passkeys even more seamless, NordPass is also offering passkey integration for its Firefox and Google Chrome extensions. According to the company, support for Apple’s Safari is coming later this year.

NordPass password manager now lets users store and manage passkeys

What exactly is a passkey?

Passkeys rely on biometrics combined with public key cryptography to authenticate you, and at no point is there a password involved. After all, passwords are an increasingly horrible approach to security. They make users prone to phishing attacks, having their data revealed in data leaks, and more.

The digital key that’s created in this process is fully end-to-end encrypted and is never stored on a web server; each passkey you create is unique to that app, website, or service. Using the combination of biometrics and the cryptographic key is how the passkey process completely removes passwords altogether.

On iOS and macOS, passkeys are stored in the iCloud Keychain by default and can be accessed through Face ID or Touch ID authentication. In addition to NordPass, 1Password has also announced that it has been working to add support for passkeys.

You can find more details about NordPass on the platform’s website.

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