Siri vs ChatGPT: Where one falls down, the other excels

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Siri and ChatGPT logos

You really can’t take more than three steps across the internet today without falling over someone shouting about how great ChatGPT is. A few steps further and someone else will tell you that Siri could learn a lot from OpenAI’s new tool. And they might both be right.

But just how good is ChatGPT and, on the other side of that coin, how bad is Siri? Is it worth the hassle to replace Siri with ChatGPT, as many people have recently been experimenting with? As is so often the case with these things, it might not be as clear-cut as you thought. Both are great, good, bad, and terrible at a variety of things. But there are some things that one is much more suited to than the other.

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