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This Steve Jobs autographed award could be yours

Steve Jobs didn’t sign many autographs over his years as Apple CEO, so the ones that are out there are worth a pretty penny. This week, an award plaque signed by Jobs and presented to an Apple employee in 2000 has hit the marketplace, with a nearly six-figure price tag.

Unlike most rare Apple products and mementos, which go up for auction, this one is available as a one-time sale via the rare goods website Moments in Time. While the website lists the price as only being available on request (if you have to ask…), TMZ reports that the sticker price is a whopping $95,000.

This is a 10-year award plaque presented by Apple to former marketing executive Suzanne Lindbergh in 2000. It includes a special note celebrating the 10-year anniversary milestone, with an actual Steve Jobs autograph at the bottom. It’s one of few plaques that Jobs himself signed, as Apple transitioned to facsimile signatures soon after this:

The display’s plastic glaze has “Ten” elegantly etched in vertical italicized lettering. Framed and in fine condition, with some light rippling. Accompanied by a full letter of authenticity from PSA/DNA. This plaque was issued shortly after Jobs returned to Apple, and is one of few authentically signed examples- the company soon transitioned to facsimile signatures on the anniversary awards.

A member of Apple’s innovative marketing department, Lindbergh spent 25 years at the company, rising to ‘Worldwide Director of Buzz Marketing’ before leaving in 2013. In that role, she was in charge of product placement of Apple devices in movies and television shows. A supremely desirable Apple award signed by the company’s innovative co-founder.

This plaque can be yours with just a few clicks via the Moments in Time website. As long as you have $95,000 burning a hole in your pocket, that is.

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