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watchGPT rebrands to Petey AI for Apple Watch

An Apple Watch ChatGPT client originally called watchGPT jumped to the top of Apple’s App Store earlier this month, offering a slick AI experience right on your wrist. However, after Apple cracked down on “GPT” being in app names, the app had to pivot. Now ‘Petey’ the AI Assistant is available for Apple Watch with GPT-4 support, new quick prompts, and more.

As we covered when it first launched, Petey makes it possible to interact with OpenAI’s ChatGPT directly on your wrist with Apple Watch and even includes a complication if you want to add quick access to your watch face.

The app saw so much interest, it climbed to become the third-most-popular paid app in the App Store shortly after launch.

However, one issue was figuring out what to do with Apple blocking apps and app updates with “GPT” in their names. Developer Hidde van der Ploeg decided to pivot to a new, friendly name with “Petey.”

Now Petey 1.2 is available for Apple Watch and has been updated with support for GPT-4 (paid upgrade), multiple prompts to quickly reply to Petey, new complication icon, and more.

Hidde notes “If the app doesn’t show up on your Apple Watch, please install it via the App Store on your Apple Watch.”

As a refresher, here’s what Petey offers:

  • Interact with the famous GPT model right from your Apple Watch
  • Quickly get answers to your questions or generate longer messages without typing
  • Share the outcome of your interaction with others via text, email, or social media
  • Set the app as a complication for easy access
  • Text to Speech, the app will read out the answer to you, so you don’t have to read it (make sure your device is not on silent)

Petey is available as a one-time $3.99/€ 4,99 purchase from the App Store with the in-app purchase for GPT-4 support.

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