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An apparent bug in Apple Music is adding playlists that are seemingly from other users’ music libraries, and may also be deleting cloud-stored individual tracks.

It’s not known how many users are affected. However, the issue is widespread enough that it is being reported in Reddit threads, with users saying that “all of a sudden there are playlists in my library.” Some examples cited are playlists with names including emoji or odd spellings like “GaBeLoZ,” leading to concerns about hacking.

However, multiple commenters believe it’s a bug in Apple Music’s servers, instead of anything intentional. “So I went to ‘listen now’ > profile > edit profile,” wrote a Reddit user named CripplingToaster, “and scroll down to shared playlists and I see it only shows my original playlists and not the ones that randomly popped up, so I feel like it could be a glitch with the server?”

It’s not clear how wide-spread the issues are. AppleInsider staffers have not seen the problem manifest, and other than a few posts on Reddit, there does not seem to be a giant volume of complaints. A handful of Apple retail employees we spoke to on Wednesday morning haven’t had any complaints about it — but our sample size is small.

Apple has yet to officially respond about the reported issue to our queries, or the ones made by MacRumors who originally reported the issue.

Playlists are a basic part of every Apple Music user’s library, and Apple itself creates ones such as its 2023 Replay. To save a copy of an Apple Music playlist, first open the Music app on a Mac. Then choose File, Library, Export Playlist.

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