Apple scrubs Sprint references from its online store

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Apple scrubs Sprint references from its online store

Three years after the T-Mobile acquisition of Sprint was completed, Apple has now removed all references to Sprint from its online store. The company is also no longer allowing customers to activate iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices through Sprint.

These changes, which were first spotted by MacRumors, seem to have gone into effect today. Before these changes, Apple’s website still highlighted Sprint carrier deals, and “Sprint customers were still technically able to activate Sprint devices through the T-Mobile network,” the report says.

Now, Sprint no longer appears as an option for connection when buying an iPhone through Apple’s website. The change also applies to cellular versions of the Apple Watch and iPad. All references to Sprint carrier deals have also been scrubbed from Apple’s website.

This is more of a branding and marketing clean-up for Apple than anything else. T-Mobile completed its Sprint acquisition almost exactly three years ago. Since then, Sprint customers have been transitioning to T-Mobile’s network and infrastructure.

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