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'Caset' collaborative playlist app now features Apple Music sync

Apple Music still doesn’t offer collaborative playlists, but Caset is an iOS app that solves that problem by letting users create collaborative “mixtapes” with their friends. With its latest update, Caset now offers seamless sync with Apple Music, making collaborative mixtapes even easier to manage.

Create collaborative playlists in Apple Music with Caset

As I once wrote here, Caset is an app that basically brings the functionality of shared playlists to Apple Music subscribers. With this app, you can create a playlist and invite your friends to add songs to it. Invited users can even see who has added a song to a playlist and react to the additions. As the app is integrated with Apple Music, you can play the songs directly from within Caset.

But with its latest update, Caset’s integration with Apple Music just got even better. Using the new Sync feature, Caset automatically detects any new songs that you add to a playlist via the Apple Music app. These changes are automatically synchronized with the app, which sends the updated playlist to the other people who have been invited to collaborate.

“All this happens seamlessly in the background, ensuring your playlists are always up-to-date. Moreover, notifications help you stay on top of updates from friends. Essentially, it’ll feel like you’ve unlocked playlist collaboration right within Apple Music,” said the developer.

The update also adds new custom icons to the app and lets people in your iCloud Family Sharing take advantage of the Caset license. In addition to collaborative mixtapes, Caset helps users create new playlists by suggesting unique “moods” and artworks – this new feature is no surprise considering the app was created by the same developer behind the Denim app.

Caset is available for free on the App Store, but some features require a subscription to be unlocked. It’s worth noting that the app only works with iPhone and iPod touch at this time.

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