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NuPhy Halo 75

When everyone used to type on membrane keyboards, there was very little in the way of different options as to how the keyboard might feel. Different key switches weren’t much of a thing, and keycap shapes and sizes were only different depending on the company you bought your keyboard from. Then, mechanical keyboards came along to make your typing experience a little more premium. Boards that cost more, and feel better.

A long time has passed since those first mechanical keyboards came around, and now there are loads to choose from. You can build your own, if you’re brave enough, or you could go for one that has already been built. This is one such prebuilt – the NuPhy Halo 75, a board from a brand that has rapidly become one of my favorites after I tested the excellent low-profile Air 75. This is equally as stunning a keyboard, and this time there’s very little not to like.

Nuphy Halo 75: Price and availability

(Image credit: Tammy Rogers/ iMore)

The NuPhy Halo 75 is available from NuPhy direct, where it costs $129. There are some extra options here as well, such as a ‘Twotone’ acrylic wrist rest, and some extra shine-through ABS keycaps. The wrist rest costs an extra $29, and the keycaps an extra $19. I have the wrist rest to test, but not the keycaps.

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