Resident Evil 4 skips Mac even after Village headlined Apple’s gaming lineup. It’s not good enough

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MacBook Pro with PlayStation 5 controller

When Apple announced Metal 3 at WWDC 2022, it showcased Resident Evil Village running natively on Mac. The API allows developers to unlock the full potential of Apple silicon when bringing their games and apps to Mac. 

Since the reveal of Metal 3 almost a year ago, we’ve not truly seen the benefits. No Man’s Sky was revealed alongside Resident Evil Village, yet it still hasn’t appeared on $2000 M2 MacBook Pros, even though it runs on the $299 six-year-old hardware of the Nintendo Switch.

With the new Resident Evil 4 Remake set for release, I’m left wondering why I can’t play the game I want to on my 16-inch MacBook Pro when the hardware would be more than capable of doing so. And who’s to blame?

(Image credit: Capcom)

Metal 3 brings a whole host of improvements to the framework meant to make developers stand up and take notice of the Mac as a gaming platform. Apple says Metal 3 “introduces powerful features that help your games and pro apps tap into the full potential of Apple silicon. Now you can render high-resolution graphics in less time, load resources faster, train machine learning networks with the GPU, and more.” So where are the games?

Metal 3

(Image credit: Apple)

If Resident Evil Village can run on Mac, why haven’t the improvements to Metal made Capcom port its newest release, a remake of the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4, to Mac?

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