Sonos may launch Move 2 portable speaker with line-in in time for summer

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Sonos may launch Move 2 portable speaker with line-in in time for summer

This spring Sonos has launched its all-new Era 300 and Era 100 flagship speakers plus a new black option for its wired Outdoor Speakers. Now the next product the company is aiming to release is the second-generation Move speaker. Here are the upgrades that may come with the large, portable from Sonos.

Chris Welch at The Verge shared the latest Sonos scoop. Big picture, the report says to expect more “refinement” than a major overhaul. But it looks like there could still be some nice improvements for Move 2.

New guts

First up, the design is expected to remain “similar” to the original Move. But on the inside, it’s expected to get a new processor and upgraded memory. That should help with performance as well as longevity.


Following the lead of the Era 300 and 100, the report says that the new Move should gain a line-in. That will likely be USB-C like the Era speakers and require a dongle to use. In any case, more output options are always great!

WiFi and Bluetooth upgrade

Another nice improvement is expected to be automatic switching between WiFi and Bluetooth. With the Move gen 1, you have to manually press a button on the back of the speaker (gen 1 also features AirPlay 2 so that should remain with gen 2, presumably).

Stereo support?

It remains unknown if the Move 2 will get the stereo upgrade but with the smaller Era 100 coming with stereo support, it’s possible Sonos is considering it for the Move.

Launch date?

The report says that sources close to Sonos predict a 2H 2023 launch – likely late summer or early fall. However, Chris also notes that plans can change and Sonos has previously advised it “will be cautious about product strategy and spending if the economic outlook should take a major downturn over the coming months.”

The current Move speaker sells for $399. If you feel like you need it now, it’s still a fantastic speaker and should last for years to come. However, if you can hold off until late summer/fall you’ll likely be able to get the latest and greatest.

For a closer look at the original Move, check out our full review:

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