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Spotify Drowning

Spotify hasn’t had a good time of it recently. With its new app layout looking a little too much like TikTok for lots of users, and the announcement that a new pricing tier is coming if you want lossless streaming and nebulous ‘premium podcast stuff,’ users are understandably tired. Many will be looking for different ways to stream music on their phones, laptops, and tablets. 

I am a Spotify alumnus of many years now. I still have an account because friends insist on sending me links to albums and playlists on the service, but the platform sees no use on my devices. Instead, I have a hefty collection of streaming services that I use instead, with options at a bunch of different price points. If there is anyone who can tell you a little bit about music streaming services, then it’s me.

My number one: Qobuz

(Image credit: Tammy Rogers)

Qobuz is like a two-in-one. There’s a store where you can buy lossless music and a streaming service that will let you stream lossless music for a monthly fee. It’s a lot like Apple Music in that way, although you’ll soon find that the streaming quality is much better.

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