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iOS 16.4: Here's everything new with Apple Music

iOS 16.4 is officially here and in addition to the headlining changes, the app also makes a few improvements to the Music app. There are new animations, easier access to your profile page, and more. Head below for the full details.

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Less intrusive animations

Arguably the biggest change in the Music app in iOS 16.4 is a new set of animations for things like adding songs to playlists and adding songs to your queue. In previous versions of the Music app, these actions would present a full-screen pop-up confirmation.

In iOS 16.4, however, Apple has redesigned these confirmation messages to be much smaller notifications at the bottom of your screen. This means your view of the Music app is no longer obstructed by the full-screen pop-up. There’s also a small haptic feedback confirmation as well.

Easier access to your Apple Music profile

Another change in iOS 16.4 is that Apple has made it easier to quickly get to your Apple Music profile. Previously, your profile picture only appeared in the “Listen Now” and “Browse” tabs of the app. In iOS 16.4, however, you’ll now be able to access your profile via the “Library” tab.

You can tap on your profile picture to quickly jump to your account, where you can manage your settings and view your full profile information.

Whether or not this is a hint at future features for Apple Music remains to be seen. One could speculate, however, that easier access to your profile could mean more social features are coming to Apple Music relatively soon.

Other interface tweaks

Finally, Apple has made a few other minor interface tweaks to Apple Music with iOS 16.4. Various icons throughout the app have been updated to be a bit more modern. Apple has also reduced the size of the album artwork that shows on the “Playlists” page, which makes it easier to see more playlists without scrolling.

9to5Mac’s Take

These are all nice “quality of life” improvements for Apple Music. In particular, I’m happy to see the end of the full-screen pop-up notifications as I found these to be obtrusive and distracting.

But with that being said, I wish we’d see a faster pace of changes for the Music app and Apple Music as a service. Apple could achieve this by unbundling the Music app from iOS and allowing it to be updated via the App Store. This would allow the company to launch features that aren’t tied to new releases of iOS.

What do you think of the current state of the Music app and Apple Music? What’s on your wishlist for new features? Let us know in the comments.

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