iOS 16.5 beta enables screen recording via Siri [Video]

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iOS 16.5 beta enables screen recording via Siri [Video]

iOS 16.5 developer beta 1 doesn’t appear to contain many new features and changes, but there is at least one new feature that will surely make some users happy – the ability to ask Siri to start a screen recording.

iOS users have been able to request Siri to take a screenshot in previous versions of iOS, but up until now, invoking screen recordings required manual intervention. In iOS 16.5, you can simply say “Hey Siri, start screen recording” and the screen recording will begin.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s a dedicated screen recording action for the Shortcuts app yet, but we can presume that such an action will eventually make its way to end users. Until then, you’ll need to either start a screen recording manually via its dedicated Control Center toggle, or ask Siri.

Once you’re finished recording the screen, you can ask Siri to “stop screen recording” and Siri will usually comply. You can watch the brief video embed above to see an example of requesting Siri to start and stop a screen recording on iOS 16.5 in action.

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