Check out BLUETTI’s new AC60 solar generator and B80 battery

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Check out BLUETTI's new AC60 solar generator and B80 battery

The portable power experts at BLUETTI have unveiled their latest product to help provide sustainable energy for all. Fans of the brand will soon be able to order BLUETTI’s new AC60 – an ultra-compact solar generator that is roughly the size of a shoebox. This portable power source has over 400 Wh of battery capacity of its own and can be paired with BLUETTI’s B80 battery packs for additional energy on the go. Learn more about this exciting new product and its upcoming availability below.

If you aren’t already aware of BLUETTI and its growing lineup of green energy solutions, it is currently touting over 10 years of industry experience and selling its products in over 70 countries around the globe.

In addition to delivering some of the best indoor and outdoor portable energy technology in the industry, BLUETTI has earned plenty of brand loyalty by offering frequent sales and exclusive deals on its most popular products.

Speaking of products, BLUETTI is consistently pushing the performance benchmarks of its eco-friendly power solutions, introducing new products each year like the AC60 solar generator and B80 expansion battery, for instance.

When looking at its current product lineup, the BLUETTI team explained to us that it saw a gap in the current market. Small power stations offer more portability but less capacity, while high-capacity stations deliver the extensive energy you need, but in a larger, heavier footprint. To that dilemma, BLUETTI said, “why not deliver a product with both battery capacity and portability?”

That’s where BLUETTI’s new 600-watt AC60 solar generator comes in, providing power and portability by itself, but with the option for extended capacity to meet each customer’s different energy needs, no matter the scenario. Check it out.


BLUETTI introduces new modular AC60 solar generator

After recently teasing a sheeted version of its latest portable power station combo, BLUETTI has officially unveiled the AC60 and its new B80 expansion battery. When it arrives next month, the AC60 will emerge as BLUETTI’s most portable expandable power station option to date.

With compact dimensions (11.4 x 8.1 x 9.2 inches) and a carrying weight under 19 lbs, the AC60 is easily portable for access to power outdoors, whether it’s a day at the beach, camping, or working remotely. Its capabilities are bolstered by the AC60’s upgraded design compared to previous BLUETTI models, as its circuits are isolated from the fan vents and all external materials pass water and dust-proof testing, earning an IP65 rating, meaning it’s virtually water- and dust-proof.

This new solar generator may be small, but it’s still quite mighty. It features a 600 W pure sine wave inverter capable of recharging from 0-80% in just 40 minutes. The AC60’s 403 Wh of energy capacity comes directly from its lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, sending juice to seven different power outlets, including two AC outputs, one cigarette lighter port, two USB-A ports, a wireless charging pad on top, and one USB-C port that offers boosted “Power Delivery” up to 100 watts.

In addition to the ability to charge multiple devices at once, the AC60 can hone its power to carry a 1,200-watt device for a short period using its “Power Lifting Mode” feature and can operate quietly below 40 decibels in “Silent Charging Mode.” Perfect for quiet nights in your tent while camping.

Think 403 Wh isn’t enough power for your outdoor adventures? No worries, BLUETTI already has you covered with its new B80 expansion battery.

The BLUETTI B80 battery can power devices on its own

Joining the AC60 in next month’s new product drop is the BLUETTI B80 battery pack. Whether it’s a complimentary power source to the solar generator above, or as a standalone source, the B80 promises the same reliable LFP chemistry as the AC60 with the ability to deliver over 3,500 charge cycles.

Each B80 pack offers 806 Wh of additional capacity, meaning you can add two B80 batteries to your AC60 combo for a total capacity of 2,015 Wh. Better still, the B80 can operate as a stand-alone DC power source offering three ports of its own: USB-A, USB-C, and a car outlet.

Just like the AC60, BLUETTI’s new expansion battery is equipped with an advanced battery management system that helps maximize efficiency while simultaneously preventing over-voltage, overheating, and short circuits while replenishing your precious devices. The battery can also easily be recharged from its own input port or through a connection to the AC60 power station.

BLUETTI’s AC60 and B80 go on sale soon, so don’t miss out

According to BLUETTI, the AC60 solar generator and its B80 expansion battery should hit its website and Amazon store sometime in late April. Although we don’t have specific pricing to share just yet, we have heard through a leak in the staff that it will be “budget-friendly.”

We do know that when these products go on sale, BLUETTI will provide a 6-year, worry-free warranty. Keep an eye out for these new BLUETTI products soon and be sure to snag one of the earlier ones before they sell out!

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