Popular Petey GPT Apple Watch app coming to iOS, here’s how to join the beta

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Popular Petey GPT Apple Watch app coming to iOS, here's how to join the beta

Last month, watchGPT arrived to seamlessly access OpenAI’s smarts right on your Apple Watch. Shortly after, it was renamed to “Petey” as Apple cracked down on apps using GPT in their names. Now the most requested feature is in the works – an iOS version of Petey. While public availability isn’t known yet, you can sign up to be among the first to try out the beta.

Earlier this month when watchGPT launched, it shot to the top of the App Store chart for paid apps. Just a couple of weeks later, it was updated with the GPT-4 large language model AI, quick prompts, and the rebrand to Petey.

Now developer Hidde van der Ploeg shared on Twitter that the far and away most requested feature is an iOS version and that it “is coming.”

While there’s not a set date for the release, he says you can sign up to be first in line to test out the beta by signing up for email updates at the bottom of the Petey website.

Hidde also shared a look at using Petey on iPhone with voice control thanks to a Siri Shortcut plus a sneak peek at the UI on iOS:

As for pricing when the iOS version lands, Hidde shared details on that too:

The app will be available for the same price as it currently is. It will come with a version for iOS that also offers new features for watchOS, such as Shortcut/Siri integration and the ability to copy/ paste to your phone. To access ChatGPT functionality in the iOS app, you’ll need a subscription, which includes a free trial period of a certain number of days, weeks, or months. There is also a one-time payment option available.

The reason for this pricing structure is that the usage on iOS is expected to be more frequent and involve longer interactions than on watchOS, which could significantly impact my costs.

However, I will offer the option for you to add your own API key, allowing you to use the service on both your phone and watch. Please note that I cannot guarantee access to GPT-4 with your own API key, and your purchase of the app will mainly support the development of new features.

I hope you understand, as this is the only sustainable way of doing this on iOS

If you haven’t checked it out yet, Petey for Apple Watch is available now as a one-time $3.99/€ 4,99 purchase from the App Store with the GPT-4 upgrade a $2.99 in-app purchase.

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