Sealed OG iPhone up for auction with rare Apple ‘Lucky you’ sticker

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Sealed OG iPhone up for auction with rare Apple 'Lucky you' sticker

We’ve seen a flurry of sealed original iPhones go up for auction over the last six months. Included in those has been the current record holder that went for $63,000. Now the latest original iPhone sale could challenge that with the starting bid kicking off at a cool $32,000. Notably, this one is a bit rarer than most with a unique Apple “Lucky you” sticker on the sealed box.

Earlier this month, we saw the last sealed original iPhone auction attempt to break the $63,000 record that was set in February. However, that fell short with a final auction price of $55,000. However, both of those values are up significantly compared to the $30,000-range sealed original iPhones were going for in recent years.

Today, another auction is starting for the latest sealed original iPhone (model A1203) coming from Wright auction house.

This rare, factory-sealed first-generation iPhone comes to Wright via Donald Gajadhar of Fox-White Art & Antique Appraisals. “[It] slowly dawned on me when I held [this] boxed Apple cellphone,” says Gajadhar, “my client not only had an unopened cellphone, but a truly unique version. A Willy Wonka, ‘24 karat’ Golden Ticket.” Indeed, the present lot features an upside-down Apple logo sticker bearing the words “lucky you.”

The shrink wrap does have a small tear and is not in mint condition. However, the iPhone was evaluated by Fox-White Art & Antique Appraisals, and x-ray images are included in the listing showing that the device and original accessories are present and have not been tampered with.

The first bid will start at $32,000 at 12:00 pm ET today, March 30, with the estimate of it going for between $40,000-60,000.

You can check out the full listing and bid at Wright’s website. Do you think this one will break the $63,000 record? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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