Starling Home Hub brings 24/7 monitoring to Nest smoke detectors with HomeKit compatibility

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Starling Home Hub brings 24/7 monitoring to Nest smoke detectors with HomeKit compatibility

One of the industries I have some prior experience with is home and business security systems. In my first job out of college, I helped an independent telephone company launch a new business line offering installation and monitoring services. It’s been an industry I’ve followed since then. In my home, I currently use the abode alarm system, and I love it. It offers HomeKit compatibility as well. What if you invested in a Nest Secure system or are using the Nest Smoke Alarms and want HomeKit compatibility and 24/7 monitoring? Google discontinued support on the Nest Secure in favor of the new ADT partnership, and there is no stand-alone smoke detector monitoring offered by Google. That’s the bridge the new service from the Starling Home Hub manufacturer aims to offer with Starling Protect.

Although the Nest Secure system has been discontinued, it’s still widely used by many customers. Brinks does offer professional monitoring for Nest Secure, but the service will be discontinued in December 2023. I’ve been a big fan of Starling products since discovering them in 2020. It’s a turnkey way to get all your Nest products into your Apple ecosystem. I currently have my Nest flood cams and Nest doorbell showing up in HomeKit using the product. I really can’t say enough good things about it. At only $99, the simplicity is very Apple-like.

Starling Protect

For $7.99/month (no contract with a one-month free trial) with Starling Protect, if a Nest smoke detector senses smoke/CO or if your Nest Secure alarm is activated by an intruder, a central station agent will immediately notify you via text and call. If you confirm the emergency or if they are unable to reach you, they’ll dispatch local fire/police services to your home as necessary. This ensures that even if you’re not at home or in a dire situation, you’ll still receive timely alerts and professional assistance in case of an emergency.

The only HomeKit smoke detector option with 24/7 monitoring

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Starling Protect with Nest’s smoke detectors is that it’s the only option that integrates smoke alarms into HomeKit while offering 24/7 monitoring from a central station. Starling Protect charges a single monthly subscription price to cover all homes and hubs you own, unlike most other professional monitoring services that charge per home. So if you are using the product in a rental home as well as your primary residence, there is only a single monthly fee. Additionally, Starling Protect is UL-listed and TMA Five Diamond certified, which can earn you a discount from many home insurance companies, often more than the cost of the actual subscription.

To get started with Starling Protect, you’ll need a Starling Home Hub and a Nest Protect. You’ll end up with a HomeKit-compatible smoke and CO detector with 24/7 central station monitoring. If you still have the old Nest Secure, it’ll be covered as well. With a HomeKit compatible Smoke detector, you have unlimited HomeKit automation options as well.

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