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Starting with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple adopted a new LTPO screen technology on the iPhone for the first time. A new report today from analysts at Display Supply Chain Consultants says that this feature will remain exclusively to the “Pro” model iPhones for the next several years, before potentially moving downmarket.

The report also includes a broad “roadmap” detailing the future of iPhone display technology through 2027…

For those unfamiliar with the technology, LTPO is basically a custom OLED display that offers variable refresh rate rather than having a fixed rate, which Apple markets as its “ProMotion” display technology. Currently, only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max offer ProMotion, while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus offer static refresh rates at 60Hz.

LTPO also plays a major role in power efficiency, allowing the iPhone 14 Pro to run at 120Hz without major impacts to battery life. This also plays a role in the Always-On Display used in the iPhone 14 Pro lineup, as the display’s refresh rate can drop all the way down to 1Hz.

According to analysts at Display Supply Chain Consultants, however, Apple will bring LTPO to the entire iPhone lineup. “In 2025, DSCC expects all Apple’s iPhone 17 models to adopt LTPO panels as LTPO capacity continues to rise and costs fall,” the analysts write in a new report published on Monday.

This means that the LTPO technology, and associated features like ProMotion and Always-On, will likely remain exclusive to the higher-end iPhone models until 2025.

Additionally, DSCC’s Ross Young has shared a look into the future iPhone display roadmap for in-screen Face ID and camera technology. For the non-Pro iPhones, Young lays out the following roadmap:

  • 2021: Notch, LTPS
  • 2022: Notch, LTPS
  • 2023: Pill, LTPS
  • 2024: Pill, LTPS
  • 2025: Pill, LTPO
  • 2026: Pill, LTPO
  • 2027: Under panel Face ID + hole, LTPO

And for the “Pro” model iPhones, all of which will feature LTPO display technology:

  • 2021: Notch
  • 2022: Pill
  • 2023: Pill
  • 2024: Pill
  • 2025: Under panel Face ID + Hole
  • 2026: Under panel Face ID + Hole
  • 2027: Under panel Face ID + Under Panel Camera

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