Spotify lax on HomePod support, promises to add AirPlay 2 support “eventually

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The 2023 redesign of Spotify

Spotify has had disagreements with Apple for a while now. The company has been critical of Apple’s approach toward apps. Spotify even maintains a public tab (opens in new tab) of all the Apple decisions that have been unfair towards the company. Apple had even launched the HomePod without Spotify support.

While Apple has since then added support for Spotify on the HomePod, the app still doesn’t work on it. That’s because Spotify is yet to add support for HomePod, and it doesn’t have plans to do it anytime soon, either, according to the company’s statement to Mark Gurman. In his latest Power On newsletter (opens in new tab), Gurman also revealed that Spotify plans to add AirPlay 2 support eventually.

Spotify not too keen on Apple ecosystem support

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